Bermuda Taxis

Sightseeing on Bermuda is made simple by the convenience of local taxis

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Knowledgeable drivers and affordable rates make cabs the perfect choice for primary transportation on the island of Bermuda.


Bermuda vacationers will find that taxis are metered and widely available throughout the island. There are no cars available to rent, so taxis are a popular choice by necessity. Luckily, they also happen to be affordable and convenient. Many taxi drivers are also tour guides, licensed by the government, and are happy to give visitors informative tours to local attractions. Tours generally cost between $36(USD) and $50(USD) per hour depending on number of passengers. A taxi with a blue card in the window indicates the driver has been certified as a tourism specialist.

Taxi Companies

Vacationers traveling in larger groups will be happy to know that there is also a mini bus service available. It is similar to hiring a taxi, with the added bonus of offering more seats. The company that runs the bus is known as Affordable Ride, though travelers can take comfort in knowing that the service is regulated by the government. The mini bus can hold up to 15 passengers, and range in price from $3 to $10(USD) per person, depending upon where they are traveling to and from, and whether or not they want to incorporate a tour into their drive.

Travelers usually have no difficulty locating a cab. Many wait outside airports, hotels, marinas, and popular tourist destinations. For those who would prefer to reserve a taxi in advance, contact one of the major taxi companies on Bermuda, which include:

Check out the table that follows to find contact information for local taxis.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
A-1 Command Performance (441) 534-8688 Hamilton
Bermuda Taxi Association (441) 296-2121 LF Wade International Airport - St. George's Island
Cgs Transportation Services (441) 335-2620 Par-la-Ville Park
Co- Op Taxi (441) 292-4476 55 Dundonald Street - Par-la-Ville Park
Darrell & Son Taxi (441) 334-8091 Warwick Parish
Exclusively Elite Executive Taxi Service (441) 333-4985 10 Rec View Hill - Devonshire Parish
First Step Taxi Service (441) 735-7151 Hamilton Parish
Gladstone A. Brown Taxi (441) 734-7377 Southampton Parish
Ground Control Taxi Services (441) 747-0149 63 Dundonald Street - Par-la-Ville Park
Hodgson's Taxi Service (441) 534-8095 Devonshire Parish
Island Taxi (441) 295-4141 Hamilton
Island Wide Taxi Services (441) 334-7665 Devonshire Parish
Nesbitt's Taxi Service (441) 333-0156 8 Gospel Lane - Par-la-Ville Park
Robert Powell Taxi (441) 337-1558 16 Rose Hill Road - Southampton Parish
Seek I Taxi Services (441) 535-5841 Par-la-Ville Park
Triple "D" Taxi (441) 297-3825 4 Kilderry Close - Smith's Parish

Rates, Fares, and Fees

All rates are metered and should be approximately $6.40(USD) for the first mile, and $2.25 for each subsequent mile, which is the standard rate for a cab holding one to four people. Taxis carrying more than four people will operate on a slightly increased rate system. Surcharges may apply for wait time or excess baggage. Additionally, certain times, such as holidays, Sundays, and late-night rides (between midnight and 6 a.m.) are subject to higher rates. Tipping is suggested at 10 to 15 percent.

This chart shows typical cab fares for this area.

Typical Fares Around Bermuda
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 5.50 Somerset Village Gilbert Nature Reserve
$ 58.25 St. George Royal Naval Dockyard
$ 26.45 Downtown Hamilton St. George's Parish
$ 27.10 Downtown Hamilton Somerset Village
$ 8.65 Downtown Hamilton Admiralty House Park
$ 18.10 Downtown Hamilton Turtle Hill Golf Club At The Fairmont Southampton
$ 36.10 Downtown Hamilton Royal Naval Dockyard
$ 13.60 St. George Blackhorse Tavern
$ 6.40 St. George Alexandras Battery Park
$ 14.50 St. George Cooper's Island Nature Reserve
$ 6.05 St. George Fort St. Catherine
$ 7.30 Somerset Village Fort Scaur
$ 11.35 Somerset Village Royal Naval Dockyard
$ 10.45 Somerset Village Port Royal Golf Course
$ 26.15 - $ 29.00 Hamilton Cruise Terminal St. George's Parish
$ 41.00 - $ 46.75 Lf Wade International Airport Somerset Village
$ 43.85 - $ 48.55 St. George Cruise Terminal Somerset Village
$ 9.75 - $ 14.10 Lf Wade International Airport St. George's Parish
$ 21.00 - $ 27.00 Lf Wade International Airport Hamilton
$ 27.25 - $ 30.25 St. George Cruise Terminal Downtown Hamilton
$ 9.30 - $ 10.30 St. George Cruise Terminal Ferry Point Park
$ 6.40 St. George Cruise Terminal Fort St. Catherine
$ 51.85 Lf Wade International Airport Royal Naval Dockyard Visitor Centre
$ 6.40 Hamilton Cruise Terminal Hamilton Princess & Beach Club
$ 9.00 - $ 10.15 Hamilton Cruise Terminal Elbow Beach
$ 31.00 - $ 34.50 Hamilton Cruise Terminal Royal Naval Dockyard
$ 16.25 - $ 18.15 Royal Naval Dockyard Pompano Beach Club
$ 11.00 - $ 12.25 Royal Naval Dockyard Cambridge Beaches Resort
$ 11.35 - $ 12.65 Royal Naval Dockyard Daniel's Head Beach Park
$ 16.50 - $ 18.50 Royal Naval Dockyard Port Royal Golf Course
$ 20.90 - $ 23.15 Royal Naval Dockyard Gibbs Hill Lighthouse
$ 10.50 - $ 11.85 Royal Naval Dockyard Somerset Long Bay
$ 9.65 - $ 10.75 St. George Cruise Terminal Lf Wade International Airport
$ 12.90 - $ 14.30 St. George Cruise Terminal Clearwater Beach
$ 49.50 - $ 55.00 St. George Cruise Terminal Royal Naval Dockyard
$ 6.40 Hamilton Ferry Terminal Hamilton Bus Station
$ 6.40 St. George Cruise Terminal St. George Ferry Terminal
$ 12.50 - $ 13.90 St. George Cruise Terminal Crystal Caves
$ 6.40 Hamilton Cruise Terminal Hamilton Ferry Terminal
$ 9.25 - $ 10.35 Hamilton Cruise Terminal Spanish Point Park

Those traveling with young children should always be aware of car seat laws in any given area. In Bermuda, it is against the law to ride with a young child in a personal vehicle without a car seat. Taxis, however, are exempt from this law, and will not provide a car seat to those who did not bring theirs from home. While not against the law, it is always safer to strap your child into a proper safety restraint system, so it is encouraged that you bring your car seat from home.

In 2013, a unique new taxi service was launched on Bermuda, though this service does not provide transportation on land. Bermuda Water Taxi is the brainchild of local resident Ashley Simmons, who after several years of preparing the idea for the business received sponsorship from CableVision. Now, Simmons offers pick up and drop off services for anyone who needs it in Hamilton, the Royal Naval Dockyard, Saint Georges Parish, and the Great Sound. The service is available from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and offers transportation to any and all public and private docks. Tourists can call ahead, or flag the taxi down if they see him sailing about.

Back on land, metered fares and friendly drivers make taxis an appealing option for travelers who don't want to bother with bus routes and public transportation. Taxis are a convenient and reliable means of transportation to enjoy a carefree vacation on Bermuda.

Additional Information

Because rental cars are not an option, you will likely be using taxis quite often to get around. Take a look at the local guides below that offer specific information on utilizing the taxi service in specific areas.

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