Tom Moore's Tavern

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Built in 1652 as a private home and renovated as a restaurant just over 100 years ago, Tom Moore's Tavern is the oldest restaurant on the island of Bermuda.

Tom Moore's Tavern

Tom Moore's Tavern offers a three course meal of an appetizer followed by a soup and salad, and completed by the main course. Main course options include several seafood dishes, roasted quail, chicken, and pork tenderloin. Overall, the menu is continental and popular items include fresh mussels in a white wine sauce or a nice foie gras with fig preserve. Also popular is the daily fresh fish prepared different way every day, the succulent filet mignon that is very tender, the pork tenderloin, and the fresh salmon.

Tom Moore's Tavern specializes in seafood with Continental twists. Foodies who know when a meal's been skillfully prepared and presented will appreciate that this restaurant is considered to be of "fine dining" standards. This dining option is on the table during dinner only, so don't miss out.


Tom Moore's Tavern

As previously mentioned, the restaurant is the oldest on the island. It was built in 1652 and remains in its original state with casement windows and a fireplace in all cedar wood. The chairs in a nice tapetry and the 36 tables covered in white table cloths. Outside they have a nice terrace overlooking the Walsingham Bay were there is an additional 16 tables of 10 as well as a covered patio outside where they have eight tables of 10.


This restaurant is a part of Bailey's Bay, which is located in Castle Harbour, a neighborhood in the vicinity of Hamilton; it's 3.1 miles to the south west of St. George.

Vacationers can merge their dining experience with some excellent local sightseeing opportunities by patronizing one of the area's many close-by attractions, such as Blue Hole Hill Park.

One benefit of stopping or staying in this area is Bailey's Bay, a nearby beach, where you might nod off after a good meal or a long day.

Nearby Restaurants

If you and your group are in the mood for another restaurant with similar types of food or a similar price range, there is no shortage of nearby places to choose between, including Griffin's Bistro.

Then of course, if you're looking for a change of pace, this section of St. David's Island provides an impressive range of restaurants that will suit the tastes of all types of diners. For example, you could also try eclectic cuisine at The Point Restaurant, which is three quarters of a mile away.

Credit Cards Accepted

Tom Moore's Tavern accepts the following credit cards: American Express and Visa.

Contact Info

Location: Walsingham Lane, Castle Harbour, St. David's Island

Phone: (441) 293-8020

Secondary Phone: (441) 293-4222




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