Trunk Island Beach

A small private beach is the middle Harrington Sound, you can be sure that Trunk Island Beach is one of the least crowded beaches in all of Bermuda. Only accessible by boat, and even then only with prior permission from the owners or the Bermuda Zoological Society.

Located on Trunk Island, 1.2 miles northeast of Flatt's Village, this beach is on the North West edge of the island, You should think about stopping by regardless of whether you are staying nearby. Trunk Island Beach stands out from other beaches because it's perfect for getting away from vacation stresses, like overly crowded restaurants and attractions. Most other beaches you'll come across on Bermuda may be just as beautiful, but are usually busier because they're lined with some of the most famous hotels and restaurants.

How to Access The Beach
As noted above, you will need prior permission to visit Trunk Bay. The Bermuda Zoological Society brings groups to the island regularly, so contacting them may be the best method.

Amenities and Ambiance

Trunk Island Beach is a very small beach, just big enough to have a spot in the sun. However, this dreamy spot grants the beach-goers nice views of the sound and great sights of Hamilton Parish. Not much else is here though, if you look away from the water, all you will see is some dense trees tha eventually lead to the private grounds of the island's owners.

Unfortunately, you won't find any public restrooms along this coastline, which is something to consider if you plan to spend a full day in the sun. Happily, the off-shore waters are clear and good for snorkeling, so grab some equipment if you're looking to see some exciting marine life.

Remember to take into account that Trunk Island Beach is in an area which is highly urbanized, so plan accordingly.

What's Nearby


Visitors will find this beach on the North West coast of Trunk Island; the area is home to other attractions such as Bailey's Bay Cricket Club, which is one of the most conveniently accessible attractions.

If you're interested in combining a cultural experience with your visit to the beach, you should plan a trip to Verdmont, a lovely museum found a mile and a half away, giving beachgoers the chance to escape that hot midday sunshine.

If you can't wait to see as many of Bermuda's attractions as possible, the beach is located near the attractions in the following table.

Activities and Attractions Near Trunk Island Beach
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Bailey's Bay Cricket Club Sporting Event Venue 0.3 mi. N Bermuda
Evans, Amy & Vaughan Art Gallery 0.3 mi. N Bermuda
Otto Trott Art Studio Art Gallery 0.3 mi. N Bermuda
Bermuda Aquarium, Museum And Zoo Aquarium 0.9 mi. SW Bermuda
Portuguese Rock Historical Site 1.6 mi. S Bermuda
Tucker's Point Golf Course 1.6 mi. E Bermuda
Verdmont Museum 1.8 mi. SSW Bermuda
Coney Island Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 1.9 mi. NNE Bermuda
Mid Ocean Golf Club Golf Course 2.0 mi. E Bermuda
Ferry Island Fort Historical Site 2.1 mi. NNE Bermuda
Martello Tower Historical Site 2.1 mi. NNE Bermuda
Old Devonshire Church Historical Site 2.6 mi. SW Bermuda

Cities and Towns

Trunk Island Beach guests hoping to find other opportunities for exploration might want to consider checking out Hamilton, since it's not far away and is an active, busy area. From the coast, Hamilton isn't far off, about four and a half miles (seven kilometers).


The number of other people sharing spots in the sand can vary widely, it depends mainly on when you visit, and how many people have booked rooms nearby. At this beach, you can expect to encounter a fair number of travelers staying at the closest accommodations.

Vacationers trying to find a place to stay not far from Trunk Island Beach shouldn't find it very difficult, as there is no shortage of resorts and hotels to choose from in the surrounding area. You'll find the closest, most convenient booking options by looking over what's listed below.

Accommodations near Trunk Island Beach
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Pink Beach Club 1.3 mi. SE Resort
Grotto Bay Beach Resort 1.6 mi. NE Resort
Rosewood Tucker's Point 1.6 mi. E Resort
The Mid Ocean Club 2.2 mi. E Resort
Que Sera 3.8 mi. SW Guest house
Little Pomander Guest House 3.9 mi. SW Guest house
Mazarine by the Sea 4.0 mi. WSW Guest house
Erith Guest House 4.0 mi. SW Hotel
The Hamiltonian Hotel & Island Club 4.1 mi. SW Hotel
Paraquet Guest Apartments -- -- Hotel


A hot day at the beach will have you craving more than just a cocktail; no beach day is complete until you visit a local restaurant, where you'll be able to sample the local chefs' favorite dishes, without having to stray too far. One of the nearest places to eat is Pizza House Restaurant. This restaurant serves delicious Italian cuisine. They have become well-known, however, because of their pizza.

Restaurants closest to this beach are included in the following table.

Restaurants near Trunk Island Beach
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Pizza House Restaurant (441) 293-8465 Italian -- -- --
Buzz n'Go Crawl Hill (441) 293-0777 American Very Casual 0.7 mi. NW
Indigo -- -- -- 1.0 mi. SW
Swizzle Inn Pub at Bailey's Bay (441) 293-1854 American, British, Caribbean Very Casual 1.1 mi. N
Bailey's Bay Ice Cream Parlour (441) 293-8605 International Very Casual 1.3 mi. NE
Tom Moore's Tavern (441) 293-8020 Continental Fine Dining 1.4 mi. NE
Tony's Fine Foods (441) 293-3354 -- -- 1.4 mi. NNE
The Point Restaurant & Terrace (441) 298-4077 Eclectic, International Fine Dining 1.6 mi. E
Foxy's Cafe (441) 293-8869 -- -- -- --
Sul Verde (441) 298-6983 Italian -- 1.6 mi. E
Sur Mer (441) 298-6990 French Informal 1.7 mi. E
Buzz n'Go Collector's Hill (441) 232-2002 American Very Casual 2.1 mi. SSW

Other Beaches

Trunk Island Beach is just one of many beaches you can visit on Trunk Island.

Travelers who like this beach might also enjoy Alexandras Beach, situated five miles to the northeast. More active guests, though, may be interested in Charles Island Beach, which could provide more action, and is closer to nearby attractions. You'll find it three and a half miles to the east.

Another location you may want to try is Shelly Bay, which is located three quarters of a mile away. You wont have a problem finding a sunny or shady spot to relax in at Shelly Bay beach. This gorgeous coast

Bermuda has a lot to offer its visitors, but taking a swim at Trunk Island Beach is certainly a fun way to enjoy the area's natural attractions.


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