Rain on Bermuda

Annual Rainfall on Bermuda

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Of all the islands in the Caribbean region, rainfall can be hardest to predict on Bermuda.  There is no rainy season to plan a trip around, and the rain is known for coming out of nowhere.  The good news is there are ways to avoid allowing unexpected showers to ruin your getaway.

As you can see by studying the chart near the bottom of the page, it tends to rain most during the warmest months, but the averages throughout the year are not too different from one another.  This is due to the island's location outside of Caribbean waters and in the Atlantic Ocean far off the coast of North Carolina.  Instead of a distinct rainy or monsoon season which usually occurs in the summer, Bermuda experiences small amounts of rain all throughout the year. 

Rarely is there a day when the forecast does not call for rain on the island.  Don't let this concern you, because it is equally as rare for rain to fall all day.  The typical pattern is for skies to quickly darken, rain to fall hard and heavy for anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours, then the clouds move on, and the sun is shining once again.  

It is also very common for these showers to occur in the evening or overnight when they fortunately affect the least amount of people.  One downside to the showers here is that they are typically accompanied by heavy winds which make using an umbrella fruitless.  If you're the type to tough out the rain and continue on your outdoor adventures, make sure to keep a rain jacket on your person at all times. 

Rainfall Monthly Averages
        % Days with
Month Average
Rain Tstorm
January 4.9 9.9 0.5 71.0 10.0
February 4.4 9.8 1.6 72.0 10.0
March 4.3 9.8 1.3 67.0 13.0
April 3.5 8.6 0.3 57.0 11.0
May 3.1 8.7 0.3 51.0 10.0
June 5.1 14.2 0.8 53.0 14.0
July 4.6 10.6 0.7 58.0 26.0
August 5.1 11.4 1.4 61.0 28.0
September 5.0 11.1 0.9 65.0 22.0
October 6.6 14.5 1.3 68.0 16.0
November 4.1 10.5 0.8 67.0 9.0
December 4.5 11.7 1.5 73.0 7.0
Annual 55.4 75.4 37.1 63.0 15.0

Though the weather can be unpredictable on Bermuda, there is no cause for concern.  Although nearly two-thirds of all days experience rain on the island, the showers will hardly ever put a damper on your getaway.


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