The Berry Islands Accomodation Options

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There are 30 or so land masses that make up the Berry Islands, yet, not nearly as many accommodations. This is because so many of ths islands remain uninhabited. What you will find are a few hotels and villa or condo complexes, but nothing that could be considered opulent or over-the-top.

Hotels In the Berry Islands

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In addition to standard hotels, there is also a resort. Read further info regarding each property by clicking on their names.

Guests hoping to book their stay in the Berry Islands will be interested in opportunities like Berry Islands Club. Frequented by anglers and yachters, Berry Islands Club has been welcoming guests to the Berry Islands for well over half-a-century. A small and friendly establishment, guests have time and again expressed how a stay at this spot makes them feel right at home. Customers can contact them at (242) 357-5617.

A destination along the oceanfront to consider is Carriearl. If you're looking for a smaller, more low-key hotel for your stay on the Berry Islands, CarrieEarl is just the place for you. With just four rooms, this boutique has a British flair that combines with the Bahamian lifestyle to create one of the most unique getaways in the Bahamas. If you want to call before making reservations, you can do so at (242) 367-8785.

The chart just below enables you to learn more details concerning hotel possibilities.

Hotels In the Berry Islands
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location Island
Berry Islands Club Hotel (242) 357-5617


2.3 mi. East-Northeast of Central Chub Cay Chub Cay
Carriearl Hotel (242) 367-8785


1.0 mi. East-Southeast of Central Great Harbour Cay Great Harbour Cay
Chub Cay Resort Resort (242) 325-1490


2.1 mi. West of Central Chub Cay Chub Cay

Condos and Villa Complexes In the Berry Islands

If you're not in the market for a more typical hotel, you might think about renting one of the area's nearby condos or villas.

If you and your family prefer to stay at a high-end accommodation, Little Whale Cay is probably a good place to start your search. The three villas on Little Whale Cay are named Little Whale House, Peacock House, and Flamingo House. The decor is 1930s art deco, and each villa has a flat screen television and air conditioning.

More information concerning one property of this type is listed in the following table.

Condo and Villa Complexes In the Berry Islands
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location Island
Little Whale Cay Villa complex --


0.1 mi. South-Southeast of Central Little Whale Cay Little Whale Cay

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Individual Villas

Certain people prefer the independence offered by one of the individual villa rentals. Follow this link to check out our page concerning rental properties in the Berry Islands.


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