Scuba Diving Near the Berry Islands

Photo Credit: © Greg Grimes CC BY

Around the Berry Islands, divers encounter a number of shallow reefs which are also great locations for snorkelers.  These reefs tend to be close to shore, but if you travel just a short distance from the island you'll encounter steep drop-offs that are great sites for more experienced divers. 

You'll find at least 7 good dive sites to choose from.

Dive Sites

Check out the following chart for some information concerning some of the area's major dive sites.

Dive Sites Near the Berry Islands
Name Quality Max Depth Latitude Longitude
Airplane Wreck Fair 16.4 25.8209166667 -77.9311666667
Big Whale East Reef Good 42.7 25.4172666667 -77.7556166667
Big Whale North Reef Excellent 39.4 25.4438166667 -77.7570166667
Bird Cay South reef Excellent 49.2 25.39335 -77.8162833333
Mamma Rhoda Rock -- -- 25.4063358148 -77.920239687
Queen Anne's Revenge Wreck Very Good 29.5 25.81975 -77.9308333333
Reef Balls Fair 16.4 25.8208333333 -77.9311166667

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