The Berry Islands Transportation

Travel off the beaten path to the Berry Islands

The Berry Islands is comprised of over 30 cays, many of which are uninhabited. The majority of the district's 700 residents live on Great Harbour Cay, though Chub Cay, Big Whale Cay, and Great Stirrup Cay are also inhabited. Tourists visit these isles for the gorgeous diving, billfishing, and over-all quiet atmosphere. To get here will take some planning, while deciding how you'll get around shouldn't be too difficult a task.

Getting There

Vacationers planning a trip to the Berry Island will find that traveling by airplane or yacht are the most popular options, and because of the secluded nature of the islands both can be expensive. Whether or not you actually want to sail to the isles will likely be the deciding factor here.

Getting Around

Land transportation is rarely an issue in the Berry Islands, as most of the islands are small enough that you can get around on foot. Motorized vehicles are available in some places, such as the more tourist-centered Great Harbour Cay, and ferries can get you between the islands.

Air Travel

There are three major airports in the Berry Islands, though all of them are small with only one runway apiece. The Great Harbour Airport and Chub Cay International Airport, and Big Whale Cay Airport are all avaliable to visitors flying in. However, they generally only accomidate charter planes. This means if you plan on flying to the Berry Islands, you will need to set it up with a private company.


As a small collection of islands, you can be sure that sailing in the Berry Islands is very popular. The many marinas, and easy access from the US mainland or some of the more popular Bahamas cities mean that these “exclusive” hideaways can be easily accessed by anyone with the will.

Rental Cars a golf cart, scooter, or bicycle...


What island you visit in the Berry Islands will make a difference in the type of vehicle you rent. Some of the larger islands, like Great Harbour Cay, have enough roads to cover that renting a full-sized vehicles makes sense. In other locations, golf carts are recommended, and you can even rent scooters or non-motorized bicycles to serve as your main mode of transport. The important thing is to make sure you are comfortable driving in sometimes rugged conditions, because not every road on these islands is paved.

For the listings of rental agencies for every type of vehicle available throughout the Berry Islands click here. We'll also provide you with tips on driving.


Many resorts and small hotels on the islands offer transportation to their guests from either the airport or one of the docks, but when this isn't an option and you won't be renting a car, you can usually hire a taxi to get you to your accommodations. Because of the small population, you may need to call to have a taxi pick you up.

The cost of a cab ride is regulated by the government. There is a base rate of $3 for two passengers, and an additional $0.40(USD) per quarter mile. Every extra passengers adds another $3(USD) to your total fare, and don't forget to include a tip into the final bill, of which 15 percent is commonplace.


Two ferry services are available for those staying in the Berry Islands. The first provides transportation between Great Harbour Cay and Little Shrimp Cay, while the other is a Mail Boat that travels from Potter's Cay on New Providence Island to Great Harbour Cay on Fridays with a return trip on Sundays.

Find out more about both of these options by clicking here.

Choosing your transportation both to and on the Berry Islands is the first step in planning your trip, and can set the tone for how the vacation will be run as a whole. Take your time to go through all of your options so that you ensure you make exactly the arrangements you want and need.


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