Bimini Twist

Set at Bimini Sand Resort & Marina, Bimini Twist is known for serving some of the finest cuisine on the island, and even has the singular sushi bar in Bimini.


Fresh caught seafood, local produce, and savor ingredients work together to create the mouthwatering menu at Bimini Twist.

The specialty at Bimini Twist is Seafood, but the influence of flavors is varied, including elements of both Caribbean and Fusion cuisines. Expect an atmosphere and service that is informal. This location serves food for dinner only, so make sure to plan your visit around the limited hours they are open.


Bimini Twist is located right on the beach, allowing for beautiful views of the sea.


This restaurant is part of Bimini Sands Beach Club, which is located on the island of South Bimini.

One experience awaiting explorers of this neighborhood is Bimini Reef Club Beach, a nearby beach, where you might nod off after a good meal or a long day.

Nearby Restaurants

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But then again, if you're in the mood for something different, you'll find at least a couple restaurant options in the area that offer other kinds of cooking styles and flavors. For instance, you might also enjoy eclectic food at Mackey's Sand Bar, where you can dine right on the water.

Credit Cards Accepted

Bimini Twist accepts most major credit cards.

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