Scuba Diving Near the Bimini Islands

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The marine life that exists off the coast of the Biminis was made famous by the Discover Channel when they did a special on a section of ocean called the “Road to Atlantis.”  Now, divers travel from around the world to see this awe-inspiring site for themselves.  There are numerous other sites worth noting as well, like a World War II ship wreck and continental shelf walls that drop down to at least 130 feet. 

There are a couple of dive services, a dive shop, and at least 13 good dive sites in the area.

Dive Operators and Shops

The dive shop worth considering are summarized below.

Dive Shops Near the Bimini Islands
Name Type Phone Location Island
Scuba Bimini Dive Shop//12577 (954) 524-6090 1.2 mi. South West of Central Pigeon Cay South Bimini

If you're looking forward to diving, you can check with Neal Watson's Bimini Scuba Center. Ideally located for a dive operation, the Neal Watson's Bimini Scuba Center is not only the only center in the Biminis that offers a Nitrox fill station, but it is headed by world famous scuba diver Neal Watson. People travel here from around the world just for the chance to dive with one of the best. They are found within South Bimini, in southwestern the Bimini Islands.

Another good option is Bimini Undersea. A full service watersports facility which offers not only scuba diving but snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking, and more, if there is one thing Bimini Undersea knows, it is the waters that surround the islands in the Biminis. In fact, there is probably no operation better versed in where to find the best dive sites or who is most capable of getting you there. You can reach them at (242) 347-2941.

Details concerning diving services in the area can be seen right below.

Dive Operators Near the Bimini Islands
Name Phone Location Island
Bimini Undersea (242) 347-2941 0.4 mi. South-Southwest of Central North Bimini North Bimini
Neal Watson's Bimini Scuba Center (242) 448-6606 1.9 mi. West of Central South Bimini South Bimini

Dive Services

The table just below shows the typical cost of dive services in this area.

Dive Services
Offering Type Low Rate High Rate
Discover Scuba $ 175.0 $ 200.0
Double Tank Dive $ 110.0 $ 145.0
Night Dive $ 85.0 $ 140.0
Open Water Certification $ 425.0 $ 500.0
Single Tank Dive $ 65.0 $ 100.0

Dive Sites

Take a minute to read this table for some key facts regarding some of the area's better-known dive sites.

Dive Sites Near the Bimini Islands
Name Quality Experience Max Depth Current Latitude Longitude
Atlantis Road Good All Divers 26.2 -- 25.7666666667 -79.2785833333
Hawksbill Reef Excellent Open Water / CMAS * 50.0 -- 25.7560112285 -79.3011856073
Kinks Very Good -- 60.0 -- 25.733552399 -79.3081808111
Little Caverns Very Good Advanced Open Water / CMAS ** 80.0 -- 25.7528803899 -79.3068933481
Miami Rita wreck Very Good -- 40.0 -- 25.6041666667 -79.2972166667
Moray Alley Very Good Open Water / CMAS * 78.7 -- 25.7485373736 -79.3076530106
North Turtle Rocks Reef Very Good All Divers 37.1 < 1 knot 25.66885 -79.3062666667
Rainbow Reef Very Good -- 25.0 -- 25.7488990809 -79.2964410785
Sapona Wreck Very Good All Divers 19.7 -- 25.65125 -79.2935833333
Stones of Atlantis -- -- -- -- 25.7645214192 -79.2761178017
The Strip Good All Divers 39.4 < 1 knot 25.7372441214 -79.3034802699
Tuna Alley Good Open Water / CMAS * 98.4 < 1 knot 25.5299000641 -79.2905502645
U-Boat Very Good -- 36.1 -- 25.5761166667 -79.2927833333

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