Healing Hole

While no pristine beach, the Healing Hole River pool offers a different kind of swimming opportunity that few visiting the Bahamas will experience. This opening in the river is the perfect place for swimming and kayaking. In addition, fishermen may want to try their luck in the river's brackish waters.

The Healing Hole makes up part of the Bahamas' mangrove ecosystem, meaning that the river is ripe with plant life, as well as certain animal species that rely on the fragile mangroves. This means visitors will be able to really catch a glimpse of Bahamian wildlife here; though easily startled swimmers should keep this in mind before plunging in.


Situated on the island of North Bimini, Healing Hole welcomes guests rooming on this part of the island. Whether or not you're staying in this location, you should think about stopping by for some fun in the sun.

This secluded spot is pretty for from both any cities or roads, making boat the only efficient way of reaching the Healing Hole. Some of the Bimini towns and villages may have tour guides willing to take you here, so be sure to ask around.

Nearby Restaurants

Dining possibilities are somewhat scarce in the immediate area around Healing Hole. The nearest restaurant to Healing Hole is Stuart's Conch Stand, which has a menu full of Bahamian food.

Nearby Attractions

There are a couple other activities in the area, including Shark Mound, which is a short distance away away North Bimini.

More Information

Location: North Bimini


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