Boating and Sailing Near the Bimini Islands

A quick day of sailing will easily get yachters to their vacation in the Biminis

Photo credit: © Skinned Mink

If you love sailing, you'll find the Biminis to be quite a welcoming destination. There are several full-service marinas complete with docking slips, fuel, and shops where you can stock up on supplies. Many of these marinas also have extras like bathrooms with showers, restaurants, hotel rooms, dive and fishing centers, and liquor stores.


Because the area boasts decent sailing conditions and is only 43 nautical miles from the U.S. city of Miami, Bimini is often overcrowded by sailors, so take that into consideration if your goal is to find a more secluded getaway. If you thrive on being around like-minded travelers and swapping tales of your adventures, this is the place for you.

When you arrive in Bahamian waters, your first order of business will be to fly your yellow quarantine flag and head to the port of entry nearest your final destination. For those headed to the Biminis, there are several options including Alice Town, Bimini Blue Marina, Brown's Marina, Cat Cay, and Sea Crest Marina. Place a call over VHF Radio channel 16 to let custom and immigrations officials know where you are headed, and if you are arriving during normal business hours, someone will meet you at the dock to go over your paperwork and complete your inspection before you can gain clearance into the Bahamas. At this time, only the captain will be allowed to leave the boat, but once all other passengers have filled out their immigration forms they can step foot on land as well. It will cost between $150 and $300(USD) based on the length of your boat to purchase a package that includes your cruising permit, sailing permit, and your prepaid departure fee. This is for five people, and it will cost extra if you are traveling with more people. These permits are good for 90 days.

Planning to visit the Bimini Islands in your own vessel, or a boat you charter elsewhere? The following table contains a list of marinas in the area.

Name Phone Location Island
Bimini Bay Marina (888) 891-2263 North Bimini North Bimini
Bimini Blue Marina (242) 347-3166 Bimini Blue Water Resort - North Bimini North Bimini
Bimini Sands Marina (242) 347-3500 Bimini Sands Beach Club - South Bimini South Bimini
Brown's Marina -- North Bimini North Bimini
Cat Cay Yacht Club (242) 347-3565 North Cat Cay North Cat Cay
Sea Crest Marina (242) 347-3071 Sea Crest Hotel & Marina - North Bimini North Bimini
South Bimini Yacht Club -- South Bimini South Bimini

From the calm sailing conditions to the short distance from the United States, the Biminis are a great destination for those who have a love of traveling by boat. Keep in mind that there are a few rules to follow as you sail into local waters, and a planned sailing adventure to this island group is easily managed.


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