Activities in Boca Chica

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Home to a beach that is referred to as the “largest swimming pool in the Dominican Republic,” Boca Chica's most popular activities will keep you on the shore as much as possible.  On the whole, tourism is not as prevalent hear as the neighboring towns, but scuba diving and other watersports are a major draw.  


Dominican Republic Diving

Boca Chica has a little of everything; from basic reef dives, difficult wreck dives, to even cave dives requiring special skills. Divers of all levels will find a site that fits their wants and capabilities.

There are a couple of dive operators and a small number of interesting dive sites in the area. Visit this page which is all about diving in this area if you'd like to discover more facts.


Shopping on Dominican Republic

If you'd like to find out about shopping in Boca Chica, you can do so by visiting this page.


Another great option is spending a day enjoying the sights, sounds and culture of Boca Chica. Click to view our discussion of area sightseeing and attractions.

Details concerning a firm that will provide a guided tour of some of the most enjoyable sites can be found below.

Sightseeing Services In Boca Chica
Name Type Phone Location Island
Dominican Quest Excursions and Sightseeing Service (809) 523-9630 0.5 mi. West of Central Boca Chica the Dominican Republic


If you enjoy underwater sightseeing you're in luck -- you'll have the chance during your vacation in Boca Chica. You can find more details about opportunities to go snorkeling by going to this page.

Other Activities

The table right below shows some details regarding one other type of activity.

Other Activities In Boca Chica
Name Type Phone Location Island
R Y X Video Club Movie Theater (809) 523-6084 Central Boca Chica the Dominican Republic

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