Cafeteria Las 3 Hermanas

Set behind a row of fish friers is a very unassuming cafeteria which has some of the best prices, most filling meals, and freshest food around.


Everything is made fresh here, down to the drinks, which instead of using canned fruit juices in their cocktails, pulls them from the raw ingredients. The fish is huge and rustically prepared, which means if you prefer not to see the eye of your dinner still in tact, this place may not be the best option for you.

Cafeteria Las 3 Hermanas is a popular bar and grill that happens to specialize in Creole cuisine. The formality level you should expect at this restaurant is very casual. This dining option is on the table during both dinner and lunch, so don't hesitate to pay this place a visit. You might fall in love with a local favorite.


The cafeteria doesn't offer much by way of ambiance. Dining takes place on plastic tables and chairs, and although there is a slight view of the sea, it isn't worth bragging about.


Located toward the center of Boca Chica, Cafeteria Las 3 Hermanas is an inviting option for those lodging in the area.

Another site of note in the area near this restaurant is Boca Chica, a nearby beach, where you could either work up your appetite, or wind down after a meal.

Nearby Restaurants

If you're in the mood for another restaurant in the area with similar menu items or a similar price range, there are several nearby dining spots to pick from, including Village on the Beach.

But of course, if you want a change of pace, this section of the Dominican Republic has an impressive range of food and beverage establishments, offering all types of cuisine styles and flavors. For instance, you can also try some different fare at Cafeteraa Altagracia.

On average, a customer will spend about $10(USD) for a meal here, including drinks.

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Location: Boca Chica, the Dominican Republic


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