Boca Chica Taxis

Taxis are easy to come by in Boca Chica

Because Boca Chica is such a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of taxis to be found on the streets. Although it is recommended you avoid getting into a cab without confirming that the driver is reputable, there are plenty of legal operators to be had so you'll never be left stranded.

Taxi Companies

Taxis can be hard to find out on the streets of Boca Chica simply because there are no markings to set them apart from private vehicles. This is a cause for concern, simply because con artists can pose as taxi operators and overcharge tourists for rides or even go as far as to mug them. The best solution to avoid this problem is to call a local company and have them send a driver to your location. If you're leaving from your hotel, the concierge desk will usually take care of this for you, but you can use the contact information below to handle it on your own if you prefer. When you call, the person you speak with will be able to give you the driver's identification number to ensure your safety.

...stop by the taxi stand ...


There are also three taxi stands in the busiest tourist area of Boca Chica right outside of the large resorts. If you need a ride from around that area, you can stop by the taxi stand and let them know. The attendant can also advise you one fares and the amount of time it will take you to get where you need to go.

Those who are traveling with children should keep in mind that child safety seats are not available because in the Dominican Republic it is legal for kids to ride in an adult's lap when they are in a taxi. If you feel more comfortable with your child strapped in, you'll need to bring your own seat.

Dominican Quest is the only taxi service listed in our system. You will be able to call them at (877) 223-2707; they're located on Autopista Las Americas in the eastern part of Boca Chica.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Because each cab company sets its own rates, it can be hard to say exactly how much you'll spend to get around by cab. It isn't an exact science, but in general, to get to Boca Chica from Las Americas International you'll pay around $15(USD), and you won't get anywhere in town for less than $4.50(USD). Always make sure to carry small bills in local currency because drivers rarely have change, and don't forget a tip of about 15 percent of the total bill, plus another dollar or two if they handle your luggage.

Some taxi drivers are also tour guides. If you find a driver you like, ask if they offer tours and how much they charge. If you can agree on a price, you'll enjoy the unique experience of having a local who has probably been living in the area their whole life show you around.

Also be warned that if you're planning to take a taxi between cities, you'll want to call in advance to arrange that. Not every driver on the street is willing to drive long distances.

Wanting to know what it costs to use a taxi? Check out the following set of examples.

Typical Fares Around Boca Chica
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 175.00 Punta Cana Boca Chica
$ 35.00 - $ 40.00 Downtown Santo Domingo Boca Chica
$ 33.25 - $ 39.00 Sans Souci Terminal Boca Chica

If you want to avoid renting a car but still prefer to travel in a private vehicle, taxis are a great option. Prices can add up quickly, but most feel that it is worth having a knowledgeable driver get them from place to place.


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