Transportation Options for Boca Chica

Travelers will find Boca Chica's transportation options are bountiful

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A resort town centered around a beach of the same name, Boca Chica is located in the immediate Santo Domingo area. This means that it benefits from a great deal of transportation options that the larger town offers to its citizens, and opens up a lot of doors for tourists traveling on a budget.

Getting There

Because one of the island's most important airports is located so closely to Boca Chica, air travel will always be the most convenient option for travel to the town. Cruising has always been a fun way to travel, and in recent years sailing has begun to boom as well.

Getting Around

Because it is located within Santo Domingo, Boca Chica benefits from all of the public transportation options that are so bountiful in the area – yet, most people wind up making walking their main source of transport. When that isn't enough, there are taxis, motoconchos, buses, publicos, and rental cars all available for use.

Air Travel

It only takes 15 minutes to get to Boca Chica from the nearest airport, which is Las Américas International Airport (SDQ) in Santo Domingo. As one of the highest traffic airports on the island, flights are available regularly from major airports throughout the United States and the Caribbean, flights from Europe travel here at least once a week, and charters can be arranged from Canada. As you begin your search for air travel to Las Américas International Airport, you'll note big name airlines like American Airlines and United Airlines on the roster among others. Discover all of the airlines that frequent this airport by clicking here.


Boca Chica is an official port of entry for the Dominican Republic, which means that those considering setting sail and journeying to the island by sea will find the experience to be just slightly easier. The port opened in the 1950s to support the sugar industry, but today is used mainly for lumber, cargo, and newsprint.

When you arrive, you'll approach the port flying your yellow "Q" flag. Then, when meeting with customs officials everyone aboard will need to present their passport and another form of identification. From there, officials may ask to see your boat's paperwork as well as a list of the ship's stores, and you'll have a few fees to pay as well. Once all that has been taken care of, you'll have gained clearance and be free to sail on and find a place to dock your boat during your stay.


Although there is no cruise port directly in Boca Chica, there is one in Santo Domingo, so it takes but a taxi ride to get to town for a day of exploring when you have a shore day. Cruises to the Dominican Republic are popular, and especially so in the winter, when you can stop here as part of an overall Caribbean cruise.

Rental Cars

Most of Boca Chica benefits from the well-maintained roadways of nearby Santo Domingo, but tourists should still be warned that there are times when they will encounter roads that are either in disrepair or made entirely of dirt and gravel. Before you can get on the road, you'll need to get a car. Rental agencies in this country require that renters be over the age of 21, have a valid passport and driver's license, and be in possession of a credit card with the appropriate balance to pay your bill plus put down a deposit that will be refunded to you when you return the vehicle. Learn more about renting a car in Boca Chica by clicking here.

Taxis sure that a credible driver will pick you up...


In Boca Chica's most tourist-y area there are three taxi stands where you can request a ride. If you need a taxi elsewhere in town, it is recommended that you call a local agency rather than try and hail a taxi on the street. This is because criminals have been known to pretend to be drivers and either overcharge or mug passengers. When you call, you can be sure that a credible driver will pick you up. Although rates are not set, you can bet on paying at least $4.50(USD) per ride. Find out more about the subject by reading our difinitive guide to Taxis in Boca Chica.


The most popular way to get around Boca Chica is perhaps a mode of transportation you've never even heard of: the motoconcho. Motoconcho translates to motor-taxi, and that is exactly what it is; a motorcycle taxi. Hundreds of young men in the area earn money by driving their personal motorcycles around and offering tourists (up to four if you can squeeze on, but two or less is best) quick rides. They cost less than $1(USD) per person, which makes this option not only thrilling, but inexpensive as well.


In Boca Chica, the local buses are called guaguas, and are a cheap way to get around town. Most people would not recommend them because they are quickly crowded and lack air conditioning, but they are an experience for sure, and if you're traveling on a budget they can't be beat.

Meanwhile, buses that travel between cities in the Domincan Republic are clean, air conditioned, and comfortable – though you'll need to be prepared to listen to loud music for the whole ride. Caribe Tours and Metro Express operate the intercity buses, departing about every hour from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. seven days a week, traveling to many major cities. You can typically get a ride for less than $10(USD).

Carro Publico

The final form of transportation available in Boca Chica is what you might describe as a hyrbid between a taxi and a bus. Carro Publicos are five passenger vehicles that operate on set routes like the buses, though they will pick you up or drop you off at any point along the route instead of specifically waiting for a predetermined drop spot. Unlike a taxi, these vehicles are not private, so whether or not you know the other people waiting for a ride, you will all squeeze in and pay an individual fee. Publicos are slightly more expensive then buses, but considerably cheaper than taxis, and cost less than $1(USD) per person.

Whether you're traveling on a budget or have unlimited funds, it is important to take the time to find out about each transportation option available to you during your stay in Boca Chica – and there are plenty to learn about.


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