Bodden Town Landmarks

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Bodden Town is unique because one of its most popular attractions is a graveyard.  Though that may seem abnormal to some, the grounds are intriguing because they are said to house the remains of the real pirates of the Caribbean, a site which leads visitors to a natural cave filled with pirate-themed curiosities.  If these maritime mischief-makers aren't of interest to you, the town is also noted for the ruins of a fort erected by slave labor and within 10 miles of the center of the town are three different museums.


Cayman Islands National Museum

If you enjoy expanding your knowledge of other places and cultures, you might enjoy visiting a museum during your vacation. To get detailed information regarding each museum, try clicking on the name.

A common landmark for vacationers is National Gallery of the Cayman Islands. It is found within Seven Mile Beach, 7.4 mi. West-Northwest of central Bodden Town. The permanent collection of the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands is housed on the second floor and features important pieces of Cayman artwork that has been growing since the inception of the National Gallery. Additionally, the gallery tries to host at least six rotating exhibits each year.

Another landmark worth visiting is Cayman Islands National Museum. It is located in downtown Georgetown, 7.4 mi. West of central Bodden Town. This national museum has diverse collections and features exhibits on various topics, from a collection of Cayman artwork to a natural history collection full of fossils of sea critters.

National Trust Visitor Center: The National Trust for the Cayman Islands works to share the history of the islands through the preservation of historic landmarks and natural sites. At the National Trust Visitors Centre, visitors will gleam first hand information on the importance of each site, and learn which are best for them to visit based upon their interests.

The table just below summarizes a few details regarding a few museums nearby.

Museums Near Bodden Town
Name Phone Location
Cayman Islands National Museum (345) 949-8368 Downtown Georgetown, 7.4 mi. West of Central Bodden Town
National Gallery of the Cayman Islands (345) 945-8111 7.4 mi. West-Northwest of Central Bodden Town
National Trust Visitor Center (345) 749-1121 7.7 mi. West of Central Bodden Town

Historical Sites

Mission House

In case you like to learn about the historical roots of foreign countries, you might want to visit a few of these historical attractions while vacationing in Bodden Town.

A landmark worth visiting is Old Savannah Schoolhouse. It is situated in western Bodden Town. Education on the Cayman Islands was a task typically undertaken by mothers and sometimes the local churches. It wasn't until the 1940s when the Savannah Schoolhouse first opened its doors that education became a more formal affair.

If you are looking to do more sight-seeing, visit Mission House. It is located in the heart of Bodden Town. Mission House hours are 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Bodden Town Guardhouse Park: Located inside a stone thatch building on park grounds is a museum featuring relics of Bodden Town. Gardens, donated by local businesses serve to beautify the park, and two replica canons on the grounds serve as a reminder that the people of Bodden Town were always there, ready and willing to protect their island.

Be sure to look through the following table to find out more about historical sites in and around the area.

Historic Sites In and Around Bodden Town
Name Phone Location
Bodden Town Guardhouse Park -- 0 mi. North of Central Bodden Town
Dr. Roy's Ironshore (345) 749-1135 7.0 mi. West of Central Bodden Town
East End Lighthouse Park (345) 749-1121 11.2 mi. East of Central Bodden Town
Fort George (345) 749-1121 Downtown Georgetown, 7.4 mi. West of Central Bodden Town
Mission House (345) 749-1121 Central Bodden Town
Old Savannah Schoolhouse (345) 749-1121 Savannah, 1.9 mi. West of Central Bodden Town
Pedro St. James National Historic Site (345) 947-3329 1.5 mi. South West of Central Bodden Town
Watler Cemetery (345) 749-1121 4.2 mi. West of Central Bodden Town

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Guests will explore some other worthwhile sites close to Bodden Town.

If you're intrigued by the beer-making process, you might enjoy a visit to Cayman Islands Brewery. Tours of the Cayman Islands Brewery are conducted by the brewing staff, and take guests through the whole production process from brewing to bottling. The tour lets out into the gift shop, where guests can purchase a brew to take home.

Miscellaneous Landmarks Near Bodden Town
Name Type Location Island
Cayman Islands Brewery Brewery Prospect Park, 4.2 mi. West of Central Bodden Town Grand Cayman

Keep in mind, there are some other types of attractions. Those interested can get more information concerning other attractions by clicking here.


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