Snorkeling Around Bodden Town

Bodden Town is less of a tourist destination than the busy Seven Mile Beach, which means you will find less of a crowd at most beaches.  You may even be able to find a stretch of sand all your own and spend an entire relaxing day snorkeling uninterrupted.  

The basic consensus about snorkeling in the Bodden Town area is that it is good if the conditions are right.  The surf can be rough which may mean several days in a row when it simply isn't safe to snorkel.  On days when the conditions are calm and clear, you'll encounter up to 200 species of coral, vibrant reef fish, sea turtles, sponges, and sharks every so often.

The best snorkeling on the island, however, can be found over along the stretch of Seven Mile Beach in Georgetown.  Here, there are several artificial reef systems very near the shore, plus a few ship wreck sites that are within easy reach also.  Most dive shops in the area also offer snorkeling excursions if you'd like someone local to show you where the best spots are.  But, if you prefer to make it on your own, you can rent your gear for between $10 and $20(USD).  

Snorkeling Sites

If you'd like to see below the water's surface you might enjoy Frank Sound Beach. This site is lined with a limestone bottom that is makes a great hiding spot for small marine animals that claim little holes for their own. Snorkelers will find the bay to be a great place to spot animals such as eels, shrimp, crabs, as well as numerous tropical fish. This snorkeling site is found within taxi range East of central Bodden Town.

Water Cay is another snorkeling spot you might enjoy. The main attractions here are the sea stars that can be found all around this snorkeling site. Snorkelers will without doubt see their fill. Just remember that they are living creatures, and it is illegal to harvest them, or any marine animal.

Details concerning 4 of the most popular places where you can experience snorkeling in this area are listed in the following table.

Snorkeling Sites Near Bodden Town
Site Location
Frank Sound Beach 6.5 mi. East of Central Bodden Town
Water Cay Cayman Kai, 5.6 mi. North of Central Bodden Town
Water Cay Water Cay, 5.5 mi. North of Central Bodden Town
Old Man Bay Beach Old Man Bay, 8.0 mi. Northeast of Central Bodden Town

For more information concerning snorkeling, including suggestions and helpful tips for beginners and "pros" read this comprehensive Caribbean snorkeling article.

Although you do have to pay closer attention to the weather and water conditions as you consider snorkeling in Bodden Town, the underwater world is definitely worth taking a look at if you get the chance.  


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