Bonao Accomodation Options

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Best known for its extravagant Carnival celebrations each year, Bonao is actually an unsuspecting center of culture with several important museums and an aquarium set in the center of the town.  It is usually families on a cultural expedition that make their way to this town when the annual festival is not spawning parties in the streets, and they tend to choose hotels over all other accommodation options which include smaller lodges to the southwest quadrant. 

Hotels In Bonao

As well as the more standard hotel availability, guests can also find a motel. Click on each link to read additional info. Both of these accommodation options will be found in Bonao.

The table directly below shows more information about hotel possibilities.

Hotels In Bonao
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location
Akuarius Hotel Hotel (809) 296-0303


Central Bonao
Hotel Gold Premium Motel (809) 296-3737


Central Bonao

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Camping and Eco-Tourism

Nature enthusiasts and their families will want to think about the variety of eco-tourist options offered to them nearby.

Rancho Wendy is one property located in Salvia, 4.9 mi. South West of central Bonao. Located just outside of Bonao, the Rancho Wendy is a small ranch nestled in the cool central mountains of the island. The facility specializes in providing a rustic tropical adventure lifestyle for an unusual Caribbean vacation. The property can be found on Main Street.

Anyone visiting Bonao includes a full range eco-accommodation choices. If interested, you can learn more concerning eco-accommodations available here.


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