Bonao Car Rentals

Renting a scooter is a more popular option in Banao

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It is not terribly popular to rent a car in Bonao, but tourists who prefer to be in charge of their own transportation won't be stopped from doing so. There are several agencies in town for those who don't pick up their vehicle at the airport, and a few other rental options available to be aware of.

Renting a Car

If you're going to rent a car for your stay in Bonao, you may find that picking up your rental from the airport right when you arrive is the best option for you. Local agencies are available, though most people use these agencies to rent mini-bikes and scooters known as pasolas. The cost to rent a car here will range from $30 to $125(USD) a day, while pasolas are anywhere from $15 to $50(USD) per bike. Scooters are best used by single adults or couples who are looking for a quick way to zip around town and like an adventure. Others will want to stick to renting cars, and even sports utility vehicles which have four-wheel drive and good suspension in order to ensure they are able to manage the unpaved roads that the area is known for.

In order to rent here, you'll need to be at least 21-years-old, but usually 23 to 25, have a valid driver's license from your country of origin, your passport, and a credit card that is able to cover the cost of the rental plus a deposit that will be refunded when you return the vehicle in good shape.

Remember, if you are traveling with children you'll need to bring the appropriate child safety seats because it is rare that the rental agency will provide these for you.

Nuquinsa Auto Import Rent Car happens to be the one rental service our listing information includes. You will be able to call them at (809) 525-7222, or they are found on Cocos 3 in the heart of Bonao.

Gas Stations

Driving in Bonao is not unlike driving in the United States. Traffic flows on the right side of the road, and many rules are very similar, though not often enforced. Seat belts are mandatory, talking on your cell phone while you're driving is prohibited, and speed limits are directly related to the type of area you're driving in. Small towns and rural areas have speed limits posted at around 60 kilometers per hour, while out on the highway it can go up to 100 kilometers per hour.

Driving in Bonao can be hazardous if you make your way off of main roadways. These roads are riddled with cracked and pot holes, or not paved at all. This is where a sports utility vehicle will come in handy. No matter which roads you're driving on, be on the lookout for pedestrians and livestock on the road, as well as vehicles without headlights. Know that local drivers are liberal with horn honking, so don't be offended if you hear a lot of beeps as you drive down the road.

While you'll be able to find gas stations without much trouble in town, make sure to fill up before you go exploring so you don't run out of gas in an area where you'll have to walk miles before you find the next station.

Since there are a limited number of gas stations around Bonao, be sure to check the chart just below to better understand your options.

Gas Stations
Name Location
Shell Station Bonao Bonao
Texaco Bonao 2.9 mi. (4.6 km) North-Northwest of Bonao

Whether you rent a car, a sports utility vehicle, or a scooter, having the proper documents and knowing the rules of the road in Bonao is important. Now that you've take taken the time to review what you need to know about renting here, you're ready to hit the road.


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