Taxis in Bonao

Call ahead for a taxi in Bonao

Taxis are a great way to get around and see the sights of Bonao, though there are a few things that visitors should take the time to learn about the experience since it can be slightly different than what they might expect from the service.

Taxi Companies

There are plenty of reasons why tourists may choose to hail a cab rather than rent a car or use the bus in Bonao. Whether it be they are too young to rent, they prefer not to drive in a foreign country, or they don't feel comfortable relying on the unpredictable buses, each of these reasons leads them directly to taking a taxi.

The taxis on the streets here blend in with private vehicles because they have no markings that set them apart. This can make it difficult to simply hail a cab, and when you do get someone to pull over, it is impossible to know if they are a legal driver or just someone trying to swindle you out of your money. It is common for people driving down the street to pick tourists up, overcharge them, and there have even been cases of muggings and physical assault. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you call for a cab rather than hail one on the street. You can get the concierge at your hotel to do this, or call one of the operators on the list below. When you do this, the person you speak to will tell you when the taxi will be there to pick you up, describe the vehicle for you, and also tell you the drivers identification number. Some of the operators even do background checks on their drivers.

One thing you'll want to consider, though, is bringing a child safety seat along if you're traveling with a child. Taxis do not have them available here because it is perfectly legal for children to ride in the lap of an adult in a taxi.

The following table indicates how to get a hold of local taxi companies.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Mambo Taxi (809) 525-5522 Bonao
New Drivers Association (809) 525-7775 9 M Gomez - Bonao
Taxi Canario (809) 525-2738 202 Calle 12 de Julio - Bonao

Rates, Fares, and Fees

It is hard to say exactly how much it will cost to get from one place to another in a taxi in Bonao because individual operators are permitted to set their own rates. This means you can get in two different taxis going to and from the same place and be asked to pay two different fares. To avoid this, if you find a company you like, call them every time you need a ride. No matter what, always be sure to settle on the fare before you begin your trip. You should also be sure to bring small bills in local currency because most drivers won't make change, and remember that 15 percent is typical of a tip in this area, plus another dollar or two if your driver helps handle your luggage.

Some drivers are willing to drive long distances between cities, but not all. If you're going to be making a long trip, call and schedule the trip. You can also call and ask for a driver who gives tours and get an up-close-and-personal look at the area's attractions from someone who has likely lived in the area for his or her whole life.


Another form of transportation in Bonao is the motoconcho, which is basically a taxi in motorcycle form. This is only a possibility for small groups of two or less, though some motoconcho drivers have been known to try and squeeze up to five people on the back of their "hog." A ride on a motoconcho is much less expensive than taxis, and similarly, make sure you have pesos in the right amount because drivers will only very rarely make change.

Whether you use taxis once or twice or choose them as the main way to get around, it is important to know what is considered to be normal in Bonao. With this information in mind, you'll be less apt to run into trouble or find the process of getting a taxi in this area to be confusing.


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