Activities in Bridgetown

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The capital and commercial center of Barbados, Bridgetown is a busy city and major tourist destination on the island.  There is so much to do here, that you may find yourself overwhelmed trying to decide how to split your time.  Begin with a historic walking tour of the town, which you can do either self-guided or with a knowledgeable local, then get in some shopping.

Shopping may be what this town is best known for, especially on Broad Street which is back-to-back shops offering duty free luxury goods, while Swan and Tudor Street have a nice mix of small shops and local street vendors offering up their wares.  You'll also find a number of unique activities to keep you busy, like exploring Harrison's Cave, exploring underwater on a submarine tour, or even just enjoying a picnic in Queen's Park.   

Bike and Scooter Rental

If you feel comfortable winding down busy roads, renitng a scooter or bike while in Bridgetown is for you. Exploring the city this way lets you spread out faster and see even more landmarks and attractions.

If you like the idea of seeing the sights with the wind in your face, you will find multiple different places that can help you. Take advantage of this page which is all about bike and scooter rentals if you're interested in learning more specifics.


Bridgetown Diving

Even though Bridgetown is a bustling city, one of the most popular activities for tourists is diving. Just of the coast of the city, divers will be able to find wrecks and other sites that are perfect place to explore.

There are 6 dive operators and at least 12 good dive sites to choose from. To visit our complete page about diving opportunities in this area, go to this page.


IOU Fishing Charters

With larger sportsfish populating the area just offshore Bridgetown, anglers visiting the city will have no problem finding a charter to take them to a fishing spot.

Fishing is popular in this area, as suggested by the existence of 10 charter operators in this area. Anyone who needs to learn more about fishing in this area can do so by clicking on this link.


Barbados Golf

Like to play golf? You might be happy to learn there are several area golf courses. The area courses are Rockley Golf Course, Sandy Lane Green Monkey Golf Course, and Sandy Lane Old Nine Golf Course. To get additional information concerning the course, including the number of holes, location, and much more you can click on the name of the course. Those interested can get more details concerning golfing throughout Barbados can do so by visiting this page.

Sailing and Boating

Black Pearl Party Cruise

Take a moment to read the chart below for a list of area firms that can help you spend some time on the open water.

Boating Opportunities In Bridgetown
Name Phone Location
Black Pearl Party Cruise (246) 826-7245 Downtown Bridgetown, 0.2 mi. Southeast of Central Bridgetown
Boatyard Taxi (246) 437-5640 Downtown Bridgetown
Cool Runnings (246) 436-0911 Downtown Bridgetown
El Tigre Cruises (246) 417-7245 Downtown Bridgetown
Jammin' Catamaran Cruise (246) 422-1152 Downtown Bridgetown
Sail Calabaza (246) 826-4048 Downtown Bridgetown
Silver Moon (246) 435-5285 0.9 mi. Northwest of Downtown Bridgetown
Small Cats Catamaran Sailing Cruises (246) 421-6419 Downtown Bridgetown
Tiami Catamaran Cruises -- Bridgetown

If you'd like to find out about area marinas and charter operators check out this page.


Best of Barbados Quayside

If you're vacationing with some shopping aficionados they can browse some of the 85 retail stores in the area. To get information on opportunities for shopping in Bridgetown and nearby, check out this page.


Independence Arch

You might want to set aside a day for exploring the culture, sights and sounds of Bridgetown. Among other things, the area has historic sites and a distillery. Nature enthusiasts typically have a good time at the area's outdoor parks and botanical gardens. Anyone who needs to learn more about area sightseeing opportunities can do so here.

Glance through the following table for a list of a firm that will help you have a great time sightseeing.

Sightseeing Services In And Around Bridgetown
Name Type Phone Location
Atlantis Barbados Submarines Excursions and Sightseeing Service (246) 436-8968 0.9 mi. Northwest of Downtown Bridgetown
Coconut Tours Excursions and Sightseeing Service (246) 437-0297 2.5 mi. Southeast of Central Bridgetown
Glory Tours Travel and Tour Operators (246) 231-2932 3.2 mi. East of Central Bridgetown
Island Safari Excursions and Sightseeing Service (246) 429-5337 3.8 mi. East-Northeast of Central Bridgetown
Island Safari Barbados Excursions and Sightseeing Service (246) 429-5337 3.7 mi. Northeast of Central Bridgetown
Segway of Barbados Excursions and Sightseeing Service (246) 253-6772 Bridgetown


Atlantis Barbados Submarines

If exploring a watery world sounds fun you're in luck -- you'll have the chance during your vacation in Bridgetown. Follow this link to visit our page about local snorkeling opportunities.


Chakra Spa

Relaxing in a spa might be one of the most enjoyable parts of your entire vacation. Finding a spa that you'll like shouldn't be hard, given the fact that there are 6 spas that operate in this area. To see our detailed page about spas, visit this page.


Turtle Beach Resort

If you want to play some tennis you might want to stay at a hotel with a tennis court. Fortunately, there are 3 properties in the area that offer tennis.

The information that follows can help clarify your options. At a glance, you can see the number of courts on-site, whether lights are available for evening play, and some other helpful details. Click on each name to learn more about the property.

Accommodations with Tennis Near Bridgetown
Property Location Tennis Courts Lit Courts Tennis Pro
Turtle Beach Resort St. Lawrence Gap, 4.5 mi. Southeast of Central Bridgetown 2 check
Crystal Cove Hotel 3.9 mi. North of Central Bridgetown 2 check
Southern Palms Beach Club Dover, 4.1 mi. Southeast of Central Bridgetown 2 check check

For instance, Turtle Beach Resort offers all-inclusive pricing, to help simplify your vacation.

Other Activities

Information concerning some other activities can be seen below.

Other Activities In Bridgetown
Name Type Phone Location
Aquarius Watersports Jet Ski Rental Service (246) 426-0655 Downtown Bridgetown
Jetblade Barbados Watersports Operator (246) 236-7680 Downtown Bridgetown
Kensington Oval Management Inc Sporting Event Venue (246) 274-1200 0.6 mi. Northwest of Downtown Bridgetown
National Stadium Sporting Event Venue -- 1.8 mi. North-Northeast of Downtown Bridgetown
Paddle Barbados Watersports Operator (246) 249-2787 1.2 mi. South-Southeast of Downtown Bridgetown
The Empire Theatre Movie Theater -- Downtown Bridgetown

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