Bridgetown Attractions

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Of all of the towns on Barbados, Bridgetown is most alive with sites to see and things to do.  Your days are easily spent hiking through nature sancturaries, sunning on local beaches, visiting museums and important cultural structures, and yes, even casino gaming is a possibility.  


Accra Beach

You will find a large number of beaches to choose from in the area. Snorkeling is available at some of the beaches, if some members of your party enjoy the underwater scene. Click on the name of each beach for a detailed article concerning that individual beach.

A beach where snorkeling is an option is Brighton Beach. The beach is accessible via signage and is located off of the Spring Garden Highway. The beach accommodates both pedestrians and vehicles.

Another top pick for those who enjoy snorkeling is Brownes Beach. The beach is accessible to both pedestrians and vehicles and lies directly off of Highway 7. Parking is available at various points off of the highway.

Accra Beach: The Accra Beach Hotel and Resort occupies a large area leading up to the beach, though public access is available off of Highway 7. Parking is available along Highway 7, as well as on the smaller road east of the beach.

These examples are just a few of the options worth consideration If interested, you can find more details on this page.

Landmark Attractions

Independence Arch

A landmark that often intrigues visitors is Cricket Legends Museum. It is located within Bridgetown. One of the many things the British have brought to the island of Barbados is the love of the game Cricket. This museum is the ultimate memorial to the game on Barbados, with their legends and memories featured in exhibits.

Another popular destination is Barbados Museum and Historical Society. It is located in Bridgetown. With archives of paperwork from the Caribbean slave trade, a collection of half a million artifacts, beautiful grounds that offer their own history lesson and a museum gift shop to grab some interesting books about the region, this museum has a lot to offer.

Needhams Point Lighthouse: Needlehams Point Lighthouse stands out as a stationary lighthouse, meaning that its light did not swoop around the coast as many other lighthouses have the tendency to do. Today, visitors are welcome to explore the grounds that the lighthouse stands on, but they are not permitted to enter the tower.

The area has a full range of sites to visit. Navigate here to check out our page dedicated to landmarks in Bridgetown.

Natural Attractions

Graerne Hall Sanctuary

Vacationers who like spending time outdoors are likely to enjoy visiting Queen's Park. While Queen's Park has a long history of having been passed from the care of one government organization to another, it has always been simply a well-cared for and beautiful place for children to play and adults to enjoy the scenery.

Another local site that's popular with visitors is Graerne Hall Sanctuary. Graerne Hall Sanctuary is a nature and bird sanctuary that has developed to preserve the integrity of an area that is home to a great deal of wide creatures. In order to protect these animals, only 10 percent of the entire property is open to the public. Many agree that that 10 percent is worth a visit.

Bridgetown is home to plenty of additional natural attractions. Click here to view our article about natural attractions in and around the area.


Feeling Lucky? Guests looking to test their luck in some gaming action can find lots of alternatives in this area.

Lucky Horseshoe Saloon Worthing has a restaurant, so you can eat before, during or after the gaming action. Luck Horseshoe Saloon is an American style restaurant that has the added bonus of an entertainment lounge featuring slot machines. Give them a chance between ordering and receiving your food.

If slot machines are part of your plans, you could give D'Fast Lime Arcade a try. Located inside a small building marked by a glowing neon bar sign is D'Fast Lime Casino. The casino is open 24 hours a day for slot machine gambling, so guests can find out how lucky they are any time of the day or night.

Of course, there are plenty of other choices too. Click here to see our page concerning gaming in Bridgetown.


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