Scuba Diving Near Bridgetown

Photo Credit: © Barbados Blue Watersports

Most people who come to Barbados to dive head to Bridgetown first. Perhaps because of the ease of access through the harbor, but the town's waters have merits beyond that including a 360 foot freighter wreck called the Stavonikita which is known as one of the most impressive wrecks sites in the region. 

There are a couple of dive services, a variety of dive shops, and at least 12 interesting dive sites to choose from.

Dive Operators and Shops

The dive shops worth considering are listed in the table below.

Dive Shops Near Bridgetown
Name Phone Location
Hazell's Water World (246) 426-4043 0.7 mi. Southeast of Downtown Bridgetown
Roger's Scuba Shack (246) 436-3483 Downtown Bridgetown, 0.2 mi. Southeast of Central Bridgetown
The Dive Shop (246) 426-9947 1.0 mi. Southeast of Downtown Bridgetown
West Side Scuba Centre (246) 262-1029 1.6 mi. Southeast of Downtown Bridgetown
Barbados Blue Watersports

If you're ready to go diving, you might want to check with Barbados Blue Watersports. Explore the world beneath the water with Barbados Blue Watersports. With this group, you will be able to go to some of the best diving sites around Barbados and swim along with sea turtles and come within touching distance of coral reefs and other marine animals. They are located in downtown Bridgetown.

A second option is G Fish Watersports. Scuba diving allows you to explore underwater marine life, natural beauty, and serenity. Whether you have come to learn or explore, G Fish Watersports will help you get the experience you're looking for. They can be reached at (246) 287-5289.

The chart right below has some information concerning dive service operators.

Dive Operators Near Bridgetown
Name Phone Location
Barbados Blue Watersports (246) 434-5764 Downtown Bridgetown, 0.2 mi. Southeast of Central Bridgetown
G Fish Watersports (246) 287-5289 1.2 mi. South-Southeast of Downtown Bridgetown

Dive Services

You can look through the chart below to learn more about the typical cost of dive services in this area.

Dive Services
Offering Type Low Rate High Rate
Discover Scuba $ 90.0 $ 110.0
Double Tank Dive $ 100.0 $ 125.0
Open Water Certification $ 425.0 $ 475.0
Single Tank Dive $ 54.0 $ 75.0

Dive Sites

Take a moment to read this table for some information concerning some of the area's better-known dive sites.

Dive Sites Near Bridgetown
Name Quality Max Depth Latitude Longitude
Asta Reef Good 82.0 13.0725833333 -59.6058833333
Asta Reef (Dive Site) -- -- 13.0698945302 -59.6061760375
Bajan Queen Shipwreck Good 39.4 13.0726 -59.6028
Berwin Shipwreck Good 26.2 13.0726 -59.6028
Carlisle Bay Dive Site -- -- 13.0858320986 -59.621386528
Carlisle Bay Shipwrecks Excellent 55.1 13.0833333333 -59.6166666667
Castle Dive Site -- -- 13.0687240261 -59.6085792968
Ce-Trek Shipwreck Good 42.7 13.07305 -59.6033333333
Eillon Shipwreck Good 55.8 13.0725833333 -59.6034
Friars Craig Good 55.1 13.0724333333 -59.6059333333
Old Fort (Dive Site) -- -- 13.0720683088 -59.6133858153
Pieces if Eight (Dive Site) -- -- 13.0693928863 -59.6037727782

For more information concerning diving, including suggestions and helpful tips skilled divers as well as beginners, check out this comprehensive guide to diving in the Caribbean.


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