Roti Hut Plus

Roti Hut Plus is a great place to get some flavorful food fast while shopping at the Satjay Bridgetown Center. The many different fillings and ingredients that you have to chose from will let you completely personalize your meal into something familiar, or something fully new.


While the rotis are probably the most popular option at Roti Hut Plus, they also serve pastas, pastries, and nearly a dozen different curries. With such a selection you should be able to find somthing you like, even if the cuisine is a new experience to you.

Roti Hut Plus is a popular fast food restaurant that happens to specialize in International cuisine. The style of the restaurant and its dishes is considered by most to be very casual. Diners are welcome to come by to enjoy both breakfast and lunch, so consider stopping by.


Located near the middle of downtown Bridgetown, Roti Hut Plus is a part of Satjay Bridgetown Center.

Feel free to merge dining experience with some excellent sightseeing opportunities by checking out one of the many nearby area attractions, such as Barbados National Heroes Gallery.

Families and couples alike also tend to love the fun activities in the vicinity. Guests up for an outdoor challenge can prove themselves worthy at the closest golf club, Rockley Golf Course, which is not too far from Roti Hut Plus. Other types of travelers are content napping on Carlisle Bay, which you will find to be the closest beach and is only a half mile away. And still, those are among a few different options for golf courses and beaches in the vicinity.

Nearby Restaurants

For those hoping to find another restaurant with similar menu items or a similar price range, there are lots of nearby dining spots to pick from, including KFC Trident House. It is situated a couple hundred yards from Roti Hut Plus.

But then again, if you're in the mood for a change of pace, this part of Barbados boasts an excellent list of restaurant options that will satisfy all types of diners. For instance, you might also consider trying some different and amazing eats at a proximal area restaurant, like Chefette Heroes Square, which is a couple hundred yards southeast.

Hours and Other Info

A complete meal at Roti Hut Plus will cost between $10 and $15(USD).

Roti Hut Plus has different hours than the mall that it is located in. The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Contact Info

Location: Victoria Street, downtown Bridgetown, Barbados

Phone: (246) 436-1959



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