Bridgetown Transportation

Travel to and around Barbados is centered in Bridgetown

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As the capital city and home to the island's only airport, cruise terminal, and one of two main ports of entry for sailors, Bridgetown serves as the center of transportation in Barbados. Nearly every visitor will spend a bit of time in town, but the numerous attractions and available activities will keep most here for the duration of their trip.

Getting There

While most tourists choose to make their way to Bridgetown on a plane, it isn't the only option available. Seasoned sailors can journey through the rough waters that surround Barbados, and many Caribbean cruises also make a stop on the island regularly.

Getting Around

All forms of transportation around Bridgetown are readily recommended by tourists who frequent the island as well as locals, so deciding amongst a rental car, taxi services, and the public bus system will typically come down to personal preference, convenience, and cost.

Air Travel

Known as the “Caribbean's Leading Airport,” the Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI) is located eight miles outside of the capital city of Bridgetown, in Christ Church Parish. This modern facility is well cared for, up-to-date on all of the latest technology, and constantly winning tourism and travel awards. All of these factors should make even the most nervous fliers make travelers feel comfortable about making air travel how they get to Barbados.


As the capital of Barbados, most international sailors coming to the island will be making a stop at Bridgetown. For some, they will simply check in with immigration and customs and then continue onto their final destination. However, others will utilize the docks in Bridgetown and enjoy all the shopping, restaurants, and attractions the city has to offer.


Caribbean cruises are one of the most popular vacation getaways out there these days, and stops in Barbados are frequent. Even better, the Bridgetown Cruise Terminal is located in Bridgetown, making it easy to spend a day in the capital city as part of a cruise.

...very pedestrian friendly...


When you arrive, you'll be able to participate in an excursion hosted by your ship, or strike out on your own. The cruise port has plenty of duty free shopping and restaurants, and one of the largest shopping centers, Pelican Craft Center, is less than a mile's walk from the cruise port. Downtown Bridgetown is very pedestrian friendly, so you can get around on foot easily, but taxis can always be found nearby, the bus station is just 15 minutes away on foot, and if you want to rent a car, the agency will bring it to you at the dock so long as you reserve your rental in advance.

Rental Cars

In Bridgetown you'll have to take a chance and rent from a local agency, since there are no international chains on the island. Prices are also slightly higher than most other islands in the Caribbean, however, if you're traveling with a large party or plan to do a lot of exploring, you'll still save money over hiring a taxi to take you everywhere you need to go.

If renting a car in the cards for you, remember that driving is done on the left side of the road in Bridgetown, and things can get pretty hectic during rush hour so you may want to avoid the roads as locals make the commute to and from work. For more tips about driving in Bridgetown, as well as information on how to rent a car, click here.


Because driving is done on the left side of the road in Bridgetown, many tourists feel most comfortable allowing a local driver to get them around. Taxis on the island are not metered. Instead, rates are set based upon where you are headed, and you should always confirm the price with your driver before you take off so there is no mistaking how much you'll pay when you arrive at your final destination. If you'll be making a lot of stops, you may find it less expensive to hire your driver by the hour, and if you need a tour guide, inquire with your driver to determine if this is a service he or she offers. This way, you can get a person tour of some of the city's most popular attractions catered directly to your interests.

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Barbados has one of the best public bus systems in the entire region.  Together with the many private bus companies, they provide an inexpensive and practical means of transportation for both tourists and locals.  The standard bus fare on the island is typically $1(USD), which equates to BD$2 for any given trip.  You will need to use local currency in exact change when you board in order to ride.  

For a more extensive discussion of the bus system, including the location of the major bus terminals in Bridgetown, check out  this article.

The wealth of transportation opportunities both to and around Bridgetown only add to the ease of planning a vacation in this bustling capital city. Whether you fly or sail, drive yourself or hitch a ride, adventure awaits you on this tiny island in the Caribbean.


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