Taxis in the BVI

Drivers can make good tour guides in these uncommon cabs

Chances are high that you will take a taxi at least once during your stay in the British Virgin Islands. Luckily, cabs are readily available and don't require much effort to access. Arrive prepared to share a cab and tip your driver for his or her service, and everything should go smoothly.

Local laws prevent vacationers from renting a car at the airport. This, coupled with the lack of public transportation means that most people will need to take at least one taxi ride during their stay.

Taxi Companies

There are numerous taxi cab companies in the British Virgin Islands. You can call the cab company and order a cab yourself, or have the concierge service at your hotel handle this for you. If you're out and about and want to hail a cab, you may find it a bit difficult to pick a cab out of the lineup of ordinary cars since there is no standardization of cab car style on the islands. Look out for a dome light on the roof and the letters “TP” on the license plate.

If you happen to be ever in a location where you can't hail a taxi, contact one of the services in the following table.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location Island
AC's Taxi Service (284) 340-0550 Downtown Road Town Tortola
BVI United Taxi (284) 499-3607 Tortola Tortola
Beef Island Taxi Association (284) 495-1982 Terrence B. Lettsome International Airport - Beef Island Beef Island
Island Magic (284) 495-3378 Tortola Tortola
L & S Garage Taxi (284) 495-5297 South Valley - Virgin Gorda Virgin Gorda
Scato's Bus N Taxi Services (284) 296-7541 Fleming Street - Road Town Tortola
Scato's Bus and Taxi Services (284) 541-7541 Road Town Tortola
Valley Taxi Association (284) 495-5994 The Valley - Virgin Gorda Virgin Gorda
Virgin Gorda Transport (284) 495-5240 The Valley - Virgin Gorda Virgin Gorda
Waterfront Taxi Stand (284) 494-6362 Downtown Road Town Tortola
West End Taxi Association (284) 495-4934 West End Ferry Terminal - 6.1 mi. (9.9 km) West-Southwest of Road Town Tortola

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Like many of the cabs in the Caribbean, taxis in the British Virgin Islands are unmetered. Before disembarking, make sure to review the card your cabby should have on hand with the set rates from one location to another, and settle upon a price in advance. While it is rare that a cab driver would try and swindle you, you don't want to take that chance; fares are set by the local government to keep them at a reasonable rate.

One thing that has an impact on the cost of cab fare is the number of passengers sharing the vehicle. Visitors quickly learn that sharing a cab with another group or several individuals will save them money, and welcome the opportunity to ride with strangers. Unless you specify that you want a private ride, you will likely end up sharing the trip with other tourists headed in the same direction as you.

The British Virgin Islands are filled with friendly people, and taking a cab can be a great way to meet and get to know some of them. Whether you need transportation from the ferry docks to your hotel or a tour around the island, cabs are a preferred way to get around.


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