Snorkeling Around Cabarete

Photo Credit: © Carson CC BY

Although Cabarete has many qualities that recommend it as a great vacation destination, the water conditions for snorkeling is not necessarily one of them.  The good news is, you can access some great snorkeling sites just 15 minutes away by car.

the Dominican Republic as a whole offers some great, quality snorkeling conditions.  The waters of many areas are clear and calm with great visibility thanks to reefs and shoals that protect many coast lines.  Plus, temperatures range from 75 to 83 degrees all year long.  The stage couldn't be better set. 

Unfortunately, Cabarete is one of the areas of the island where constant winds make the water rough and visibility low.  If you happen upon a beach where the waters are calm, go ahead and give snorkeling a chance, but make sure to use the buddy system so you aren't caught unawares by poor weather creeping up on you.  

Most people staying here choose to take their snorkeling elsewhere.  Just 15 minutes away in Sosua you'll find a great location, and some hotels in Cabarete even offer to encourage their guests to participate in the sport.  You can also drive there yourself, or sign up for a local snorkeling tour that will bring you there or another top snorkeling destination on the island.  This might include Paradise Island or the Samana area, though be prepared for a full day excursion since it takes a few hours to get to each spot.  Some of the shorter tours cost around $35(USD).

For more information about snorkeling, including helpful suggestions and tips for beginners and "pros" read this comprehensive Caribbean snorkeling article.

True, you may have to travel a short distance to find a good spot to snorkel near Cabarete, but most agree the trip is a worth the beautiful underwater world that awaits you when you arrive.  


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