Rental Cars in Cable Beach

Allow yourself to be in charge of getting around by renting a car in Cable Beach

Resorts line the area of Nassau known as Cable Beach, one after the other, only broken up by restaurants, bars, and shops that most tourists find it easy to walk to. When walking is out of the question, buses and taxis are available in abundance, so renting a car really is not necessary. Just because it isn't necessary doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't do it. Thousands of people arrive in this area each year with plans to get behind the wheel and do some exploring on their own time.

Renting a Car

The requirements for renting a car in Cable Beach are minimal. By law, you must have a driver's license from your country of origin for the first three months that you stay on the island. If you plan to extend your visit beyond that time limit, you'll want to order an International Driver's License in advance of your trip. The other requirement is set in place by the rental agency itself, and that is an age restriction. Some places require that you be 25 or older before they will rent to you, while others have lowered the age to 21. If you worry about whether or not you're of age, contact the agency you're planning to rent with to find out their rules regarding age. You'll be able to find both local and international rental agencies here.

View the following table which identifies the available selection of area rental agencies.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
Avis Downtown Nassau 326-6380 1 Cumberland St - Downtown Nassau
Avis Nassau Airport (242) 377-7121 Lynden Pindling International Airport - 4.1 mi. (6.6 km) South West of Cable Beach
Budget Cars Nassau (242) 377-9000 Lynden Pindling International Airport - 4.1 mi. (6.6 km) South West of Cable Beach
Dollar NAS Airport (242) 377-8300 Lynden Pindling International Airport - 4.1 mi. (6.6 km) South West of Cable Beach
Virgo Car Rental (242) 393-7900 #11 Kemp Road - 3.0 mi. (4.9 km) Northeast of Nassau

Driving around Cable Beach

As one of the busiest areas of Nassau, traffic can be thick in Cable Beach. It helps to arrive prepared knowing what to expect. First, traffic moves on the left side of the road, just like in Europe, which is different than what U.S. drivers are used to. Second, local drivers are known for their aggressive behavior, which sees them tailgating and weaving in and out of traffic. Tourists are warned to drive defensively, to always wear seat belts, and to keep children appropriately strapped into safety seats brought from home.

It will be helpful to always have a map on hand, or to bring a GPS system to help you get around so you don't have to spend a lot of time stopping and asking for directions. Parking can be hard to come by, so you'll often have to park a short distance away from your destination and walk.

The Cost of Renting a Car

The cost of a rental ranges from $80 to $120(USD) a day. This will depend on the type of car you reserve as well as the amenities you request and does not include the cost of insurance. When you visit may have an effect on the cost, with the best deals usually occurring during the off-season of tourism. Local rental agencies are also known for offering better prices than international chains, but the trade off is that you'll probably have to drive an older model vehicle.

One thing you'll notice about Cable Beach is that plenty of people zip around the streets in scooters. If you only need a rental for a day or two of sightseeing and you're traveling alone or with just one or two other adults, it may make more sense to rent a motor scooter rather than a four passenger vehicle.

Take a look at the chart below to get an idea of how much a scooter will cost you.

Typical Scooter Rental Rates
Rental LengthPrice
One Hour $30.00 - $40.00
Two Hours $40.00 - $50.00
Four Hours (Half Day) $55.00 - $65.00
Eight Hours (Full Day) $80.00 - $90.00

If you are planning on keeping the scooter overnight, there is an additional fee of $30.

The scooters come in both single and two seater models, which does not affect the price much. You will be able to rent these scooters throughout Cable Beach - at major attractions, hotels, and anywhere where tourists gather.

Gas Stations

Finally, be aware that gas is expensive at over $4(USD) a gallon. Because of this, it is probably a good idea to have a plan before starting to drive, as to not waste gas.

Since you might have difficulties spotting places to refuel, view the listing below for an orientation of where some of them can be found.

Gas Stations
Name Location
On the Run Farrington Road and Thompson Boulevard - 2.6 mi. (4.2 km) Northwest of Nassau
Sandyport Marina Gas St Olde Town Sandyport
Shell 2.4 mi. (3.8 km) East of Cable Beach
Texaco 3.5 mi. (5.6 km) North-Northwest of Nassau

Make the most of your Cable Beach getaway by taking in all that New Providence Island has to offer. A rental car will allow you to get around to some of the more remote areas of the island without having to pay a taxi driver each way. Make sure to reserve your rental well in advance and make the rental agency aware of all of your needs and you should have no trouble getting a hold of a rental for your trip.


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