Cable Beach Taxis

You'll have no trouble hailing a cab in Cable Beach

Lined with popular resort properties, Cable Beach is the perfect spot for a taxi driver to wait for passengers. Because of this, tourists will very easily be able to get from place to place by utilizing taxi services and very rarely having to wait – which is one of the biggest complaints tourists tend to have about using public transportation. Add to this the fact that the drivers are friendly and the rates are fare, and you seem to have a winning combination.

Taxi Companies

Aside from areas near hotels, taxis can also typically be found at the beaches, outside of busy restaurants, and driving around shopping areas as they drop off and pick up new passengers. It is extremely rare that you won't be able to hail a cab right from the street.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

... take a trip over the bridge...


All of the taxis in Cable Beach are equipped with meters, but it is up to the driver whether or not her or she wants to use it. Make sure to ask before the car is in gear. If you have a driver who uses the meter, you'll pay $3 just for getting in the car, then $0.40(USD) for each quarter mile driven.

Other drivers use the rates set by the government to guide their prices. These rates are determined taking into consideration the departure and arrival points, and the driver will typically have a card on hand with a list of rates.

For each additional passenger there is a $3(USD) charge. You will also have to pay the $1 toll if you decide you want to take a trip over the bridge to Paradise Island, and if you have more than two pieces of luggage, it's $2(USD) per bag.

You can also hire your driver on an hourly basis to take you around the island on a tour. For five passengers it will cost between $50 and $100(USD), and your driver will regale you with legends, historic facts, and probably personal stories of each attraction he or she takes you to.

The drivers in Cable Beach are known for their courteous service and should be rewarded for their behavior with a tip. It is up to you how much you would like to leave for them, but 15 percent of your total bill is the normal offering.

Wondering about local taxi rates? Look at this info.

Typical Fares Around Cable Beach
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 4.92 Cable Beach Olde Town Sandyport
$ 23.20 Paradise Island Olde Town Sandyport
$ 18.60 Cable Beach Downtown Nassau
$ 20.28 Downtown Nassau Olde Town Sandyport
$ 17.68 Paradise Island Cable Beach
$ 14.12 Prince George Wharf Cable Beach
$ 9.64 Lynden Pindling International Airport Cable Beach
$ 8.36 Lynden Pindling International Airport Olde Town Sandyport

The most important thing to remember about hiring a taxi in Cable Beach is that communication between you and your driver is absolutely essential if you don't want to be caught off by the price. Otherwise, there should be no issue making taxis your main source of transportation during your getaway vacation.


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