Cabrera Transportation Options

Planning your transportation to and around Cabrera needn't be difficult

Considered to be the Amber Coast's “Best Kept Secret,” Cabrera is a small town that remains largely untouched by tourism.  The small amount of visitors that arrive here each year are treated to luxury condos, pristine beaches, and access to a lush national park.  Everything about this town is relaxed, and planning your transportation to Cabrera shouldn't be so stressful that you need a vacation to recover from it all.  Taking the time to review your options before you begin booking is just the thing you need to get the ball rolling in the right direction. 

Air Travel

If you're planning to fly to Cabrera, there are several different airports within a reasonable drive to consider.  The closest option is the Samana El Catey International Airport (AZS) at just about an hour away.  Direct flights are available from New York City, Toronto, Germany, and Spain, all of which are major airports and make it easy to book connecting flights.  The other options, however, are the airports in Puerto Plata, Santo Domingo, and Santiago De Los Caballeros, all of which are busier facilities and thus welcome more flights from around the world daily. 


Cabrera is a destination for intermediate to advanced level sailors thanks to the rough water conditions caused by winds that roll in fast and strong.  If you've got the skills and prefer to sail to the Dominican Republic rather than fly, your first stop will be at the port of entry in Puerto Plata.  Here, you'll meet with a customs official who will review your boat's paperwork including a list of stores and crew members.  Each person aboard will also have to present a passport and one additional form of transportation.  If permitted entry, you can sail east to Cabrera and find a place to dock your vessel. 


An hour and a half away from Cabrera in Puerto Plata, construction on a new cruise terminal is going on.  It is expected to open in December of 2014 with Carnival cruise lines at the helm, bringing cruise ships to the Amber Coast.  While it may be a bit of a stretch to try and plan a day trip to this town if you're afraid of getting back to the boat on time, it is a feasible drive if you dream of spending time on local beaches

Rental Cars

Renting a car for your stay in Cabrera is not a recommended course of action due to the rough conditions of the road and the wild nature of local drivers.  Some people insist on, or have no choice but to rent a car.  If this is you, you can pick up your vehicle either at the airport, or for one of several locations in town for between $30 and $120(USD) a day. Make sure the vehicle has four wheel drive and good suspension to make driving on the rugged roads easier. 


A taxi stand sits at at the center of town, and tourists interested in using this mode of transportation to get around can call and have a driver pick them up at a certain time.  If you don't speak Spanish, enlist someone on staff at your hotel to make arrangements for you for the entire day so you are never left without a ride.  Prices are negotiable, but expect to spend no more than $8(USD) to get anywhere in town. 


More common than taxis in Cabrera are motoconchos, but this form of transportation is not for the faint of heart.  Motoconchos are motorcycle or scooter taxis that willingly transfer up to five passengers at a time and cost less than $0.50(USD) per person.  They zip around town very quickly, and helmets are not provided.  This form of transportation is only recommended for short distances. 


There is no bus service in or to Cabrera.  There is, however, a main bus station in Sosua, which costs just $12(USD) to get to by taxi.  If you're planning on taking day trips to other regions of the Dominican Republic, this is a great way to do so thanks to their low rates.

Now that you know a little more about each available transportation option in Cabrera, you're better prepared to begin booking your adventure to this quiet and cozy coastal community. 


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