Shopping in Caguas

One of the fastest growing cities on the island, Caguas is also becoming a major commercial city.  Home to several malls and shopping centers where you can purchase all of your daily needs, plus designer goods and luxury items, you can get it all here.  In fact, many of the residents of smaller towns that surround Cagua make trips into this city to do their shopping.

Gifts and Souvenirs

Some gift and souvenir shops located in Caguas can be seen right below.

Gifts and Souvenirs In Caguas
Name Phone Location
Regalitos (787) 746-2029 Caguas
Sensaciones Gift Shop & Outlet (787) 258-5353 Caguas

Specialty Shops

One of the area's popular specialty retailers is Millenium Racing Hobbies. This store is located within Caguas. Vroom in and check out the stock from noon to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 10:30 a.m. You will be able to find them at 6-CC Calle 11 Villa del Rey.

Another good option is Floristeria Bairoa, which is found mi. ( km) to the of Millenium Racing Hobbies. Give the gift of elegance with a classically arranged floral bouquet, decadent fresh fruit arrangements, chocolate strawberries -- or all of it at once. This shop is more than a florist, it is a gift shop to show your loved ones you care. For customers who want to call before making reservations, you can do so at (787) 451-3079.

The chart right below has more information about the 20 specialty shops in Caguas.

Specialty Shops In Caguas
Name Type Phone Location
Amazon Flowers Florist (787) 746-1353 Caguas
Borinquen Flowers Florist (787) 743-0115 Caguas
Casa Tropiko Florist (787) 703-3600 Caguas
Confecciones Ambar 2 Florist (787) 518-1350 Caguas
Da' Ley's Design Florist (787) 382-1994 Caguas
Divers Locker Dive Shop (787) 258-4338 Caguas
Edible Arrangements Florist (787) 703-2323 Caguas
Flores Y Follajes Florist (787) 704-0430 Caguas
Floristeraa Rosa De Cristal Florist (787) 400-0213 Caguas
Floristeria Bairoa Florist (787) 451-3079 Caguas
Floristeria Clabemar Florist (787) 744-5547 Caguas
Floristeria Flor Cala Florist (787) 743-1343 Caguas
Floristeria Florecencia Florist (787) 745-2403 Caguas
Floristeria Liargi Florist (787) 744-3364 Caguas
Floristeria Parque De Las Flores Florist (787) 746-8808 Caguas
Floristeria Zuazo Florist (787) 744-4545 Caguas
Jorge Wholesales Flowers Florist (787) 258-0188 Caguas
Keleo Surf Shop Surfing Gear Store (787) 703-0420 Caguas
Meche's Design Florist (787) 322-5247 Caguas
Millenium Racing Hobbies Hobbies (787) 744-0550 Caguas

Clothing and Apparel

Enjoy shopping for clothing? You might want to try Passo Boutique -- it's located in Caguas. Local and international designers have their place at Passo, where sizes range from small to extra-large, and shoe sizes come in everything from five to 10. Visitors can reach them at (787) 744-7668.

A second good option is Marshmallow Women & Girls Fashion -- which is found mi. ( km) to the of Passo Boutique. Get ready to spend long hours browsing the fun fashion at Marshmallows. The shop opens at 10:00 a.m. If you want to be sure they're open , call them at (787) 246-1131.

Another clothing store is Kmart Caguas. You can get everything you need at Kmart, including groceries, clothing, toys, home goods, electronics, and jewelry.

The following table summarizes some key facts concerning the 20 apparel shops located in Caguas.

Clothing and Apparel In Caguas
Name Type Phone Location
5 7 9 Cagua Centrum Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 286-1680 Caguas
D'Paseo Boutique Boutique (787) 586-0615 Caguas
Ecleptica Boutique Boutique (787) 704-2323 Caguas
Infinito Caguas Centrum Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 286-2295 Caguas
Jeraldine Las Catalinas Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 745-6270 Central Caguas
Kmart Caguas Department Store -- Central Caguas
Lua Boutique Boutique (787) 530-3552 Caguas
Marianne Caguas Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 746-5255 Caguas
Marshmallow Women & Girls Fashion Boutique (787) 246-1131 Caguas
Maxi's Boutique Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 258-4506 Caguas
Ohe Boutique Boutique (787) 743-1517 Caguas
Passo Boutique Boutique (787) 744-7668 Caguas
Posh Boutique Boutique (866) 420-6654 Caguas
Solemi Boutique (787) 715-0000 Caguas
The Dressing Room Boutique (787) 202-4484 Caguas
Tienda Rave Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 746-6361 Caguas
Tiendas Christie Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 746-7670 Caguas
Valija Gitana Las Catalinas Boutique (787) 746-0870 Caguas
We Boutique Boutique (787) 702-9696 Caguas
Yiyi Boutique Boutique (787) 744-2912 Caguas

Food and Grocery

Hungry? J J Cake & Pastries is found within Caguas. This bakery specializes in a number of local favorites which include brazos gitanos, quesitos, besitos de coco as well as pound cakes, ring cakes, and more. If you have questions, call them at (787) 703-2853.

A second option is Galeria De Bizcochos, which is found mi. ( km) from J J Cake & Pastries. Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, or any other type of specialty cake you can imagine is available from the expert bakers at Galeria de Bizcochos. You won't find a better tasting dessert than what is cooked up in this kitchen. You'll be able to find them on BF-13 Ave Bairoa Urb Bairoa.

Check out the table below for more information.

Food and Grocery Stores In Caguas
Name Type Phone Location
7 Xpress Grocery Store (787) 823-7026 Caguas
Ariel Soto Liquor Store Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (787) 704-0051 Caguas
Bar Rest Rio La Plata Grocery Store (787) 746-3600 Caguas
Carlitos Bakery Bakery (787) 744-0238 Caguas
Double C Liquor Store Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (787) 703-6710 Caguas
Galeria De Bizcochos Bakery (787) 744-1100 Caguas
Henry's Grocery Store (787) 703-2773 Caguas
J J Cake & Pastries Bakery (787) 703-2853 Caguas
Junito Liquor Store Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (787) 744-1666 Caguas
Kongo Lu Bakery (787) 744-5564 Caguas
La Hogaza Bakery (787) 745-5989 Caguas
Las Carolinas Bakery Bakery (787) 286-0725 Caguas
Oh Liquor Store Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (787) 743-4202 Caguas
Pan Pepin Inc Bakery (787) 745-0810 Caguas
Sweet Niyan Bakery (787) 286-0142 Caguas

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