Taxis in Caguas

A small collection of taxi services are available to get tourists around Caguas

There isn't anything simpler than using taxis to get around in Caguas, and the fact that prices are low help to encourage their use amongst tourists.

Taxi Companies

In Caguas, you'll notice taxis here are easy to spot thanks to the words "Taxi Touristico" which are painted on the front. The vehicles tend to be painted white, but could come in the form of a four door sedan or a full-sized van. If finding a cab becomes difficult, simply call and have someone pick you up. Otherwise, you'll find the act of riding in a cab is similar to what you might experience in the United States.

If you're unable to find a cab, or want one to pick you up from your hotel, you can call one of these taxi companies:

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Boagame Taxi (787) 746-6666 Caguas
Cidra Taxi (787) 739-7979 Cidra
Cooperativa Buogame Taxi (787) 743-6666 Caguas
Gurabo Taxi (787) 737-5555 Gurabo
Royal Star Transportation (787) 253-2355 2022 Calle Celestial - Carolina
Victoria Taxi (787) 744-1111 Terminal y Padilla del Caribe - Caguas

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Taxis in Caguas have meters in them, yet most drivers will prefer to keep them shut off and negotiate a rate that everyone feels comfortable with. If the meter stays on; however, you'll pay $1(USD) to start, then another $0.10(USD) per one-third mile. This is different than in San Juan where taxis operate on rates set by the government, so if you'll hire a taxi to get you from the international airport to Caguas you can expect to pay the flat charge of $55(USD).

This table shows some typical taxi rates for this area.

Typical Fares Around Caguas
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 12.00 - $ 13.00 Caguas Gurabo
$ 20.75 - $ 21.50 Caguas San Lorenzo
$ 41.00 - $ 42.00 Caguas Old San Juan
$ 48.00 - $ 49.00 Caguas Bayamon
$ 20.00 - $ 21.00 Caguas Juncos
$ 19.00 - $ 20.00 Caguas Aponte
$ 35.75 - $ 36.50 Caguas El Yunque National Forest
$ 43.50 - $ 44.25 Caguas Humacao Airport
$ 29.25 - $ 30.00 Cayey Caguas
$ 87.00 - $ 88.00 Caguas Fajardo Ferry Dock
$ 6.00 - $ 7.00 Las Catalinas Mall Plaza Centro Caguas

If you're debating whether to rent a car or use local taxi services to get you around during your stay in Caguas, know that taxis here are reliable, the drivers are friendly, and the prices are right. These three facts should help you to easier make the call.


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