Buses in Calibishie

There is no truer cultural experience available to tourists than taking a ride (or several) aboard a local bus.

The buses, which are actually brightly painted 16-passenger vans, are privately owned and featuring the name of the company prominently across the front of the van. While not always the most convenient, they are cheap.

If you're worried about being able to tell buses from other forms of transportation, don't be. The letters “HE,” “HA,” or “HB will appear in the license plate, letting you know you're flagging down a legal bus. That's right; in Calibishie, you have to hail a bus just as you would a cab because there are no set bus stops. If you need to get to a certain location, simply start walking in that direction and when a bus passes by, lift your arms high into the air and wave it up and down until the vehicle stops.

Prices to ride the bus vary depending upon location, but are almost always the most affordable option at just EC$1.50 to EC$11 per person. Check the chart below for an idea of how much you'll spend traveling by bus in Calibishie and around the rest of Dominica.

Bus Destinations from Roseau
DestinationFare (East Caribbean Dollar)
Calibishie 11.00
Canefield 2.50
Carib Reserve 11.00
Castle Bruce 9.00
Marigot 11.00
Mero 4.00
Portsmouth 9.00
Rosalie 7.00
Scott's Head 4.00
Soufriere 4.00

Make sure to ask the driver if your desired destination is a stop along the way, and if so, hop on for a very unique experience. Often, drivers will blast loud music and you'll find riders dancing and singing along to the radio. When they aren't doing this, they are gossiping and catching up, as youngsters make their way up and down the aisle. When you ride a bus in Calibishie, you'll almost always find it to be hot, stuffy, and crowded, but locals rarely seem to mind because they are having such a good time. When you reach your destination, shout something like “Getting off!” or “Stopping here!” to let the driver know you're done riding.


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