Calibishie Hotels

There may not be an over-abundance of hotels available in Calibishie, but there is a decent amount of variety.  Whether right on the shore or backed by a lush hillside, you'll find luxury resorts, hotels that specialize in suites, and cozy inns are all available for comparable prices here. 

Hotels In Calibishie

Calibishie Cove

Vacationers will enjoy having plenty of different hotel booking options to consider in the area. Read more info regarding each of the properties by clicking the names.

Sea Cliff Cottages is one property located in the heart of Calibishie. Running on solar power and making sure to adhere to environmentally friendly practices, this expansive three acre property features a series of quaint cottages, each with its own unique characteristics and personalities. The cottages are well spread out, providing greater privacy and a feeling of being in the midst of the rainforest; despite all of the space, Sea Cliff Cottages boasts a friendly community. To talk to them, call (613) 699-5765.

Accommodations Map

Bayview Lodges is a property of this type, which is in Calibishie. Bayview Lodges is a family friendly spot where guests can book a room for as long as they need to stay whether for business or pleasure. You can contact them at (767) 245-8705.

Veranda View: Created to serve as a home away from home for tourists looking for a private space to call their own while vacationing on Dominica, this property is right on the beach. It is located near enough to all of the most popular natural attractions, this spot is popularly chosen as a home base for exploring the bountiful nature of this flourishing island. If you want to call in advance, do so at (767) 445-8900.

The chart just below enables you to learn some details regarding the 7 available hotels.

Hotels In Calibishie
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location
Bayview Lodges Hotel (767) 245-8705


0.4 mi. South West of Central Calibishie
Calibishie Cove Hotel (443) 987-6742


Central Calibishie
Calibishie Lodges Hotel Hotel --


0.3 mi. East of Central Calibishie
Jacoway Inn B & B (767) 445-8872


0.4 mi. Southeast of Central Calibishie
Sea Cliff Cottages Cottages (613) 699-5765


Central Calibishie
Veranda View Guest house (767) 445-8900


0.2 mi. West of Central Calibishie
Wind Blow Estate Hotel (767) 445-8198


0.7 mi. West-Southwest of Central Calibishie

Needless to say, Calibishie has plenty of additional types of properties. Use this link to find our article about other kinds of accommodations for Calibishie.


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