What's Near Sea Cliff Cottages

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Nearby Beaches

L'Anse Tortue

Arguably some of the best places of interest on Dominica are the beautiful stretches of shoreline. You should be able to enjoy close proximity to nearby beaches.

The personalities of each coastal spot on Dominica can make a difference when it comes to planning your outing. To see those available near Sea Cliff Cottages, see the following table. Clicking on each link below allows you to see more details:

Beaches Near Sea Cliff Cottages
Beach Distance Direction Location
Hodges Bay Beach 0.2 ESE 1.1 mi. East of Calibishie
White Sands Beach 0.4 NNW 0.7 mi. East of Calibishie
Black Sands Beach 0.4 NW 0.5 mi. East of Calibishie
L'Anse Tortue 0.6 ESE Woodford Hill
Calibishie Beach 0.8 W Calibishie
L'Anse Noire 1.0 ESE 1.9 mi. East of Calibishie
Hodges Beach 1.1 W Calibishie
Woodford Hill Bay 1.3 E 2.1 mi. East of Calibishie
Hampstead Beach 1.7 W 0.8 mi. West-Northwest of Calibishie
Batibou Bay Beach 2.2 W 1.4 mi. West of Calibishie
La Lai Bay Beach 2.6 W Anse Du Me
Walker's Rest Bay 2.7 SE 2.5 mi. Northwest of Marigot
Anse du Mai 2.8 W Anse Du Me
Sophia Bay Beach 2.9 SE 2.4 mi. North-Northwest of Marigot
Anse Soldat 3.1 W 2.2 mi. West of Calibishie
Anse Soldat West 3.3 W 2.5 mi. West of Calibishie
Londonderry Bay Beach 3.4 SE 1.7 mi. Northwest of Marigot
Blenheim Beach 3.6 W 2.7 mi. West of Calibishie
Au Parc 4.6 WNW 3.8 mi. West-Northwest of Calibishie
Sandy Bay Beach 4.8 SE Marigot
Middle Bay 4.9 SE Marigot
Au Tou 4.9 WNW Vieille Case

The most obvious one to visit is Hodges Bay Beach. Bear in mind that this beach is located a quarter mile from the cottages, so your group won't have to travel far to enjoy this beautiful section of the coast. A dark, natural beach surrounded by some of the best beaches on Dominica, it is understandable that Hodge's Bay Beach is one of the less popular. However, this makes Hodge's Bay Beach a quiet beach much less crowded than its neighbors.

Vacationers may also stop in at Calibishie Beach which is usually full of tourists looking for a variety of beach activities. The main beach of the Calibishie area, Calibishie Beach is lined with villas, shops, and people ready to relax. All this creates a fun mix of the more tourist oriented beaches of the south, and the calm quiet beaches of the north; a great beach on its own and an even better compromise. This beach is a small distance off.

Nearby Areas

Travelers who aren't ready to book their rooms before learning about what's nearby may want to know how far the closest neighboring city or town is from the property. Sea Cliff Cottages is located on the northern part of the island of Dominica; it's 0.9 miles to the east of Calibishie.

The following table contains a listing of areas near Sea Cliff Cottages:

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Woodford Hill 0.8 SE
Calibishie 0.9 W
Bense 2.1 WSW
Wesley 2.5 SE
Anse Du Me 2.7 W
Thibaud 4.2 W
Vieille Case 5.1 WNW
Marigot 5.1 SE
Penville 6.2 WNW
Waraka 7.2 SE

Nearby Attractions

Fort Shirley

Sea Cliff Cottages serves as a great spot for active travelers. There are many active pursuits to be enjoyed when searching from this accommodation. You will soon notice that this section of Calibishie has a lot of spots for vacationers to explore, like Pointe Baptiste Cave, Canal River Hiking Trail, and Waitukubuli Trail: First Camp to Petite Macoucherie. Though there are at least three great attractions nearby, the closest one is Pointe Baptiste Cave.

These attractions are just a sample of what's in the area; find more named in the following table.

Attractions Near Sea Cliff Cottages
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Pointe Baptiste Cave Cave 0.5 NW 0.5 mi. East-Northeast of Calibishie
Canal River Hiking Trail Hiking Trail 4.6 SE 0.9 mi. West of Marigot
Waitukubuli Trail: First Camp to Petite Macoucherie Hiking Trail 4.8 S 3.8 mi. West of Marigot
Northern Forest Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 5.5 S 4.3 mi. West-Southwest of Marigot
Brenner Falls Waterfall -- -- 3.8 mi. Northeast of Portsmouth
Waitukubuli Trail: Hatten Garden to First Camp Hiking Trail 6.2 SE 1.4 mi. South of Marigot
Morne Diablotin National Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve -- -- 3.5 mi. Southeast of Portsmouth
Waitukubuli Trail: Borne to Penville Hiking Trail 6.2 W 1.8 mi. East of Portsmouth
Waitukubuli Trail: Penville to Capuchin Hiking Trail 6.4 WNW 4.2 mi. North-Northeast of Portsmouth
Brandy Falls Waterfall 6.5 W 1.6 mi. East-Southeast of Portsmouth
Waitukubuli Trail: Colihaut Heights to Syndicate Hiking Trail 7.1 SSW 5.5 mi. Northeast of Salisbury
Cold Sulphur Springs Park 7.1 W 3.0 mi. North-Northeast of Portsmouth
Waitukubuli Trail: Syndicate to Borne Hiking Trail 7.4 SW 4.1 mi. Southeast of Portsmouth
Isulukati Waterfall Waterfall 8.0 SE 2.9 mi. Southeast of Marigot
Waitukubuli Trail: Petite Macoucherie to Colihait Heights Hiking Trail 7.9 S 6.0 mi. East-Northeast of Salisbury
Hot Springs Park 7.7 WSW 2.2 mi. South-Southeast of Portsmouth
Kalinago Cultural Village Museum 8.3 SE 3.2 mi. Southeast of Marigot
Milton Falls Waterfall 8.0 SW 4.8 mi. North of Salisbury
Arbeedee Cinema Movie Theater -- -- Portsmouth
Centipede Trail Hiking Trail 8.9 SE 3.8 mi. Southeast of Marigot
Waitukubuli Trail: Capuchin to Cabrits National Park Hiking Trail 8.6 WNW Capuchin
Canna Heritage Park Park 8.7 WNW 4.1 mi. North of Portsmouth
Mahaut Falls Waterfall 9.5 SE 4.6 mi. South-Southeast of Marigot
Fort Shirley Historical Site 9.2 W 1.3 mi. West-Northwest of Portsmouth
Fort Shirley Welcome Center and Museum Museum 9.2 W 1.3 mi. West-Northwest of Portsmouth
Cabrits Historical and Marine Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 9.2 W 1.4 mi. West-Northwest of Portsmouth
Natural Vibes Organic Farm Farm 10.2 SE 5.3 mi. South-Southeast of Marigot
Central Forest Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 10.7 S 6.5 mi. South of Marigot
Waitukubuli Trail: Castle Bruce to Hatten Garden Hiking Trail 10.8 SSE 6.0 mi. South of Marigot
Soltoun Falls Waterfall 11.4 S 5.9 mi. East of Mero
Spanny's Twin Falls Waterfall 12.8 S 5.0 mi. East of Mero
Waitukubuli Trail: Pont Casse to Castle Bruce Hiking Trail 14.0 S Pont Casse

If you're looking for somewhere a little different to visit, Pointe Baptiste Cave could be just what the doctor ordered.

Nearby Accommodations

When you're choosing where to book your stay, it is sometimes a good idea to learn more about nearby lodging possibilities as a means to get a better feel for the area. This section of Dominica houses quite a few other hotels and resorts to pick from, which will give you plenty to mull over before making a decision. Learn what you need to know about all the surrounding area's lodging options by reading the following table.

Accommodations near Sea Cliff Cottages
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Calibishie Cove 0.1 NE 1.0 mi. East of Calibishie, Dominica
Jacoway Inn 0.5 W 0.4 mi. Southeast of Calibishie, Dominica
Calibishie Lodges Hotel 0.6 W 0.3 mi. East of Calibishie, Dominica
Veranda View 1.0 W Calibishie, Dominica
Bayview Lodges 1.1 W 0.4 mi. South West of Calibishie, Dominica
Wind Blow Estate 1.5 W 0.7 mi. West-Southwest of Calibishie, Dominica

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