Transportation Options for Calibishie

Your transportation to and around Calibishie can be as exciting as the attractions it is known for

A trip to the Nature Island is best spent in Calibishie if you're looking for a coastal getaway filled with adventurous activities that shine a light on the natural wonders of Dominica. Before you get excited making plans for hiking, scuba diving, and bird watching, you should take the time to research some of the less thrilling choices you have to make regarding your transportation both to and around Calibishie.

Getting There

With no official port of entry directly in Calibishie, tourists will have to originate their travel to this coastal town elsewhere on Dominica. Cruising is by far the most popular way to get to Dominica, however, those who plan to stay longer than a day will typically fly into the regional airport. Sailing your own private or chartered yacht is also another great option that fits in with the theme of adventurous travel that abounds here.

Getting Around

After arriving in Dominica, you will then be in charge of finding transport into Calibishie, and also determining if this will be your primary means of getting around during your stay. Top choices include rental cars, which are only recommended for repeat visitors; taxis, which make transportation easy but can be costly; and buses, the cheapest and most unique form of transport on the island.

Air Travel

Just a quick 15 minutes away from Calibishie is Dominica's main airport, Melville Hall (DOM), and closer to Roseau is the much smaller Canefield Airport (DCF). Although neither is an international airport, tourists who fly into the island will almost always touch down at Douglas-Charles Airport, which is capable of accommodating commercial airlines up until 10:00 p.m. each night. While it is impossible to find a direct flight from the United States, Canada, or Europe, guests can easily connect in St. Maarten, Puerto Rico, Antigua, Barbados, Guadeloupe, and Martinique. Meanwhile, at just 3,100 feet long, Canefield serves primarily as an airport for courier services. Both airports have snack bars that are rarely open and customs services that are known for being slow.


While not the most popular way of reaching the island, sailing is still an option. You will have to keep in mind though that many of the marinas around the island are made more for local fishing boats rather than yachts and international vessels. As such, you may not always be able to find the supplies or services you want.

Still, if you are set on sailing, you can click here to see more information on what is available around Calibishie.


Cruisers descend upon Dominica on a regular basis, arriving at one of three cruise terminals located in Roseau, near Roseau, and in Cabrits, which is the terminal nearest Calibishie. These cruise terminals can accommodate both large and small ships, which encourages many popular cruise lines to add the island to their regular itineraries.

Upon arrival, you will very easily be able to hail a taxi to Calibishie, a drive that will take about 25 minutes from Cabrits, and one hour from Roseau.

Rental Cars

Renting a car on Dominica is quite easy to do and actually quite inexpensive at just $50 to $60(USD) a day, plus the cost of insurance and your deposit. There are several rules, like the fact that you have to purchase a local driver's permit and be at least 21-years-old, neither of which is a problem for most tourists. The only downside to renting a car on the island is that the road conditions are not good outside of the capital city, and local drivers can be extremely erratic. By clicking here, you'll find more detailed information about the process of renting a car as well as what you can expect as you traverse the island.


If getting behind the wheel in a foreign country with known infrastructure issues gives you anxiety, forget the idea of renting a car altogether and put your transport in the hands of a local driver who is trained to get you where you need to go quickly and safely. In addition to getting you from point A to point B, taxi drivers in Calibishie are also very good tour guides. If you develop a friendly relationship with your driver during your trip, ask about his or her credentials. He or she may be able to pick you up at a later time of your choosing and show you around for a much cheaper rate than a typical guided tour. Click here to learn more.


There is no truer cultural experience available to tourists than taking a ride (or several) aboard a local bus. The buses, which are actually brightly painted 16-passenger vans, are privately owned and featuring the name of the company prominently across the front of the van. While not always the most convenient, they are cheap. So if this budget friendly option sounds good to you, feel free to visit our specialized page on bus transportation by clicking here.


Despite being just one island, Dominica is well connected along ferry routes. This is thanks to a few international ferry routes that serve this island, making island hoping very possible. Just keep in mind that the ferries are not that good of an option if you are simply seeking transportation around Dominica, as the ferries generally do not have multiple stops per island. If island hoping around a few French Islands sounds fun, then be sure to check out our Roseau Ferry Page, where the dock is located.

After going over all of your options, you're probably quite ready to decide which mode of transportation is right for you during your time in Calibishie. Once it has been settled, book all that you can in advance to ensure the vehicles you're most interested in are available to you.


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