What's Near Lasource Grenada All-inclusive

Sometimes picking a hotel within walking distance of a good beach can make your vacation even more special.

Luckily, Lasource Grenada All-inclusive is on the water, so you won't need to go out of your way to try a few beach activities.

Nearby Beaches

Pink Gin Beach

Needless to say, since Lasource Grenada All-inclusive is located on Pink Gin Beach, relaxing at the water's edge is a popular pastime at this property. While visiting Pink Gin Beach, sunworshippers can enjoy a wide selection if watersports including snorkeling at the colorful coral reef formation. Beach goers can also find kayak rentals, a shopping center less than five miles away, and a fascinating volcanic crater lake. For vacationers who want some variety, the following options each offer something a little different. Click on the names below to view our detailed article:

Beaches Near Lasource
Beach Distance Direction Location
Grand Beach 0.4 S 2.4 mi. West of L' Anse aux Epines
Magazine Beach 0.8 ENE 1.8 mi. West-Southwest of Grand Anse
Parc a Boeuf Beach 1.2 ENE Calliste
Morne Rouge Beach 1.6 NE 0.9 mi. West-Southwest of Grand Anse
Quarantine Point Beach 1.7 NE 1.0 mi. West of Grand Anse
Grand Anse Beach 2.6 ENE Grand Anse
Hog Island 3.6 E 1.2 mi. East-Northeast of L' Anse aux Epines
Calivigny Island 4.5 E 2.1 mi. East of L' Anse aux Epines

The closest option is Grand Beach. As the smaller sister to nearby Grand Bay, Grand Beach is located in the popular vacation town of Grand Anse. In fact, the beach is so close to the airport that vacationers can almost step off the jet way and into the sand.

You may also want to visit Grand Anse Beach where there are plenty of opportunities for activities and being social. There's plenty to do at Grand Anse Beach from water skiing to scuba diving. Vendors along the beach rent water sports equipment and sell coral jewelry, t-shirts, and hand-made crafts. This one is located two and a half miles east-northeast of the lodgings.

Nearby Areas

Vacationers who are interested in finding out more about what's in the surrounding area might want to find out how far—or near—the closest town or city is from their location. Lasource Grenada All-inclusive is situated in the general vicinity of True Blue Bay; it's to the west-southwest of Grand Anse.

The areas that are closest to Lasource Grenada All-inclusive are listed in the table below:

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Calliste 1.3 E
True Blue Bay 1.6 E
Morne Rouge 1.7 NE
Grand Anse 2.6 ENE
L' Anse aux Epines 2.6 ESE
Woburn 4.0 E
downtown St. George 4.1 NE
St. George's 4.5 NE
Mt. Gay 4.9 NE
Bay Garden 5.4 ENE

Nearby Attractions

Mt. Hartman Dove Sanctuary

Visitors who crave an exciting itinerary during their trip to Grenada will find that Lasource Grenada All-inclusive is in a fascinating area with a number of sights. You will find that this region is simply full of places for travelers to explore, such as Campus War Memorial, Movie Palace, and Regal Cinema, to name a few. Though there are at least three great attractions nearby, the closest one is Campus War Memorial.

With quite a few attractions near this vacation spot, you don't have to limit yourself; more of the nearest attractions are named in the following table.

Attractions Near Lasource
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Campus War Memorial Monument 1.5 ESE True Blue Bay
Movie Palace Movie Theater 2.5 ENE Grand Anse
Regal Cinema Movie Theater -- -- Grand Anse
Mt. Hartman Dove Sanctuary Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 3.3 E 1.1 mi. Northeast of L' Anse aux Epines
Fort George Historical Site 4.0 NE Downtown St. George
Grenada National Museum Museum -- -- Downtown St. George
St. Rose Nursery and Garden Botanical Garden -- -- Downtown St. George
Priority Garden Botanical Garden -- -- Mt. Gay
Fort Frederick Historical Site 4.7 NE St. George's
Fort Matthew Historical Site 5.0 NE St. George's
Hyde Park Garden Botanical Garden 5.2 NE St. George's
Underwater Sculpture Park Monument 5.5 NNE 2.4 mi. Northwest of St. George's
Queens Park Park 5.9 NE Mt. Mortiz
Laura Herb and Spice Garden Botanical Garden -- -- 2.9 mi. Southeast of St. George's
De La Grenade Nutmeg Garden Botanical Garden -- -- 2.3 mi. East of St. George's
Annandale Falls Park 7.6 NE Willis
Annandale Waterfalls Waterfall 7.6 NE Willis
Westerhall Rum Distillery Historical Site 8.3 E 5.1 mi. East of St. George's
La Sagessee Nature Center Park 8.8 E St. Davids
Grand Etang National Park and Forest Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 9.0 NE 4.0 mi. South of Gouyave
Concord Waterfall Waterfall 9.1 NE 3.4 mi. South of Gouyave
Au Coin Waterfall Waterfall 9.4 NE 3.5 mi. South-Southeast of Gouyave
Seven Sisters Waterfall Waterfall 9.7 NE 4.1 mi. West-Southwest of Grenville
Dougaldston Spice Estate Museum 11.3 NNE 0.5 mi. South of Gouyave
Mt. Carmel Waterfall Waterfall 12.2 ENE 2.1 mi. South-Southwest of Grenville
Jessamine Eden : Grenville Vale Tropical Botanical Garden Botanical Garden -- -- Grenville
Tufton Hall Waterfall Waterfall -- -- Victoria
Victoria Falls Waterfall -- -- Victoria
Alston George Park Park 14.2 NNE Victoria
Paraclete Waterfall -- -- Paraclete

If you're looking for somewhere interesting to go, Campus War Memorial is an option worth considering. Located in on St. George's University, the memorial is in honor of the 19 American soldiers who died during Operation Urgent Fury.

Nearby Accommodations

Getting details about nearby hotel booking options is often a great way to get a better feel for the surrounding area. This part of Grenada offers travelers various other resort and hotel options, which will give readers lots to consider before reaching a decision. Consult the following table for a complete listing of hotel booking options found in the surrounding area.

Accommodations near Lasource
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Grenadian by Rex Resorts 0.0 ENE 2.5 mi. West-Southwest of Grand Anse, Grenada
Sandals LaSource 0.1 NE 2.5 mi. West-Southwest of Grand Anse, Grenada
La Heliconia -- -- 2.4 mi. West-Northwest of L' Anse aux Epines, Grenada
Grooms Beach Villas & Resort 1.1 ENE Calliste, Grenada
Laluna 1.3 ENE Calliste, Grenada

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