Taxis in Calliste

Calliste's taxis are a great choice for getting around

On its own, the small town of Calliste is not much of a tourist destination.  Fortunately, it is located so near the much more popular St. George's, that visitors who do stay in this area enjoy many of the perks that the larger town has to offer.  This includes the use of a reliable taxi service. 

Taxi Companies

For most people staying in Calliste, the first time they'll experience one of Grenada's taxis is as they travel from the airport into town.  Taxis here are usually mini vans in order to accommodate more people at once, but there are a few sedans driving around as well, and they are colored differently depending on who the owner of the cab company is.  

The following table shows how to contact a local taxi service.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
AJ Meddy Tour and Taxi -- St. George's
Gabriel's Taxi Service (473) 443-2304 Grand Anse
Pete's Mystique Taxis (473) 440-1671 St. George's

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Here, rates are set in advance.  That means no meters and no haggling, but you should still confirm the cost of your ride before you drive off.  Fortunately, the cost of taking a taxi here is not too expensive.  To get from the airport to Calliste, it should cost somewhere between $10 and $12(USD), plus a tip of about 15 percent. 

This chart shows a few cab fares for the area.

Typical Fares Around Calliste
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 7.87 - $ 8.70 Melville Street Cruise Terminal Maurice Bishop International Airport
$ 9.20 - $ 13.00 Maurice Bishop International Airport Grand Anse
$ 10.50 - $ 12.00 Maurice Bishop International Airport St. George's
$ 7.00 - $ 9.00 Maurice Bishop International Airport Calliste
$ 10.50 - $ 12.00 Maurice Bishop International Airport Woburn Bay

Whether you just want a ride to and from the airport or you plan to use this service as your main source of transportation during your time in Calliste, you'll find local taxis to be reliable and inexpensive – a great pairing indeed!


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