Calliste Transportation Options

Calliste may be small, but the transportation options are plentiful

A lesser known destination on Grenada, Calliste is conveniently located near the airport and within driving distance of the coast.  This is the perfect spot for visitors who want easy access to the island's most important attractions but prefer a quieter stay away from tourist hot-spots. 

Air Travel

It takes less than five minutes to drive to Calliste from the airport, making this the perfect place to stay for tourists who have already had a long journey.  Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND) is the name of the moderately sized airport, which features two asphalt runways, five arrival gates, and several restaurants and shops.  You can fly direct to Bishop International from Miami, New York City, Canada, and London. 

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Because Calliste is not a coastal town, those who choose to make this their mode of transportation to Grenada will first have to sail to St. George's to find an official port of entry.  After going through the typical procedures and clearing in, you'll then be able to dock and head inland to begin your getaway more locally. Find out how to make this work by clicking here


Grenada hasn't always been a popular cruise destination, but these days there always seems to be a ship headed to Melville Street Cruise Terminal in St. George's.  There is even space for up to seven cruise ships to dock in the terminal at one time.  At the north end of the quay, cruisers will find the The Cruise Center as well as a collection of buses and taxis waiting to take visitors to the sites they'd like to see.  Calliste is not exactly a popular day trip destination, but those who want to visit will find it an easy 20 minute drive away from the terminal.

Rental Cars

Tourists staying  in Calliste will find renting a car to be the recommendable form of transportation.  Because this isn't a big tourist haunt, public transportation is not as plentiful as other areas, so if you're on a schedule it is best to make getting from place to place your responsibility.  Fortunately, rental costs are reasonable at under $100(USD) a day, and road conditions in town are workable.  

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The great thing about taking a taxi in Calliste is that it won't break the budget.  You can travel anywhere in town for around $10(USD) or less, plus the cost of a tip.  While it may cost you more to use taxis during your trip than to rent a car in the end, it is not so much more that you should talk yourself out of it if you feel more comfortable letting a local drive you around.  Find out how to contact operators and more about pricing here


If you're traveling on a budget or simply don't feel comfortable driving yourself around in a foreign country, you're in luck.  Grenada has one of the best public bus systems in the region, and you can travel nearly everywhere you'd like to go on the island by riding the bus.  Calliste is listed as a stop along the Gold Route of Grenada's public bus system, which also makes stops in Saint George's, Belmont, and Grand Anse.  If you plan to take the bus elsewhere on the island, you'll need to travel to the main bus terminal and transfer to a different route.  Each time you step on the bus will cost you less then $0.50(USD) per person, making it the least expensive form of transport on the island. 


Because Calliste is an inland town, it is not directly affected by ferry transport, but tourists may very well come in contact with a ferry if they're planning a day trip to Carriacou or Petite Martinique.  The trip takes about 90 minutes and costs $30(USD) each way for children and $37(USD) for adults.  There is also a water taxi that travels between St. George's Harbour and Grande Anse for $3.70(USD) for two people. 

Knowing what transportation options exist for you to take advantage of during your stay in Calliste helps make the planning process easier, allowing you to make quick decisions when the time comes to begin booking your trip.  Now that you've read a brief overview of each, you can feel more confident about traveling to and around Grenada. 


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