Attractions in Cancun

Cancun's attractions will keep you outdoors for most of your stay

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Cancun's reputation as being a hot party spot is not undeserved, but there is most certainly more to the Mexican state than night clubs. Unparalleled beaches, bountiful nature, and awe-inspiring historic sites play their role in making Cancun one of the most popular vacation spots in the world.


Playa Delfines

You will find several beaches to consider in the area. Click on the name of each beach to get additional information concerning that individual beach.

Playa Delfines: Rough waves make swimming and some watersports too dangerous in this region, but there are still a number of beachside activities at the Playa Delfines for vacationers to enjoy. These rarely frequented sands are a great place for a game of beach volleyball or football.

Another option for beach-goers to consider is Playa Langosta. Playa Langosta beach is accessible to the public, and offers a number of services for beach patrons, including a center for watersports. The wealth of amenities make it easy for everyone to enjoy the sand, sun, and surf.

Playa Tiburon: Playa Tiburon, which means Shark Beach in English, is set on the west coast of Isla Mujeres. Don't let the name fool you, the only sharks you'll likely see are housed in pens on the shore.

Luckily, the area is home to some other choices for beaches in the area. For more details about beaches, click here.


If you enjoy learning about other cultures and places, you should consider visiting a museum during your vacation.

Museo Arqueológico de Cancún: The Archaeological Museum will give any visitor a greater understanding of the region's rich history and that of the mighty Maya Civilization. The exhibits are a great primer for anyone wanting to learn more of the ruins and temples before heading out to tour them.

The table below lists some key facts concerning a museum you might enjoy in Cancun.

Museums In Cancun
Name Phone Location
Museo Arqueológico de Cancún (998) 883-0305 2.9 mi. Northeast of Central Cancun Beach Hotel Zone Mexico

Historical Sites

Yamil Lu'um Mayan Ruin

In case you enjoy exploring the historical roots of a foreign country, you should consider visiting one or two of these historical attractions while on vacation in Cancun.

If you are looking to do some sight-seeing, visit Yamil Lu'um Mayan Ruin. It is Cancun Beach Hotel Zone, in southeastern Cancun. The Yamil Lu'um Maya Ruins, set between Park Royal Piramides and Westin Lagunamar, consists of two small temples built between 1200 and 1550 A.D. The location of these temples, Temple of the Scorpion and Temple of the Handprint suggests they were used as watch towers and even lighthouses.

If you are looking to do more sight-seeing, visit El Meco Mayan Ruins. It is northeastern Cancun. Although there are 14 known structures at El Meco, only about half are consistently open to the public. Since you can't climb the pyramids, a tour of the grounds will take about an hour, though you can stay longer and enjoy a picnic lunch.

Ruinas del Rey: Oddly, these ruins are located in the middle of the busiest area of Cancun. Yet the Ruinas del Rey are here, and are able to maintain a peaceful aurora.

Review the following table to learn more about historic sites in and around Cancun.

Historic Sites In and Around Cancun
Name Phone Location
Ekab Maya Ruin -- 4.6 mi. Southeast of Central Downtown Isla Mujeres Isla Mujeres
El Meco Mayan Ruins -- 4.8 mi. Northeast of Central Cancun Mexico
Iglesia de Cristo Rey (998) 881-2745 Downtown Cancun Mexico
Isla Mujeres Cemetery -- 0.2 mi. West-Southwest of Central Downtown Isla Mujeres Isla Mujeres
Ruinas del Rey (998) 883-2080 2.5 mi. South-Southwest of Central Cancun Beach Hotel Zone Mexico
Yamil Lu'um Mayan Ruin -- 1.3 mi. North-Northeast of Central Cancun Beach Hotel Zone Mexico

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Punta Sur Lighthouse

Visitors will discover some other intriguing attractions in and near Cancun.

If the nitty gritty aspects of living by the sea interest you, you might enjoy visiting Punta Sur Lighthouse. Located in Parque Punta Sur is the Punta Sur Lighthouse, it is part of a nautical museum and demonstrates the important of lighting the night for sailors.

The chart just below offers a few details regarding other kinds of sites of interest to travelers.

Miscellaneous Landmarks In and Around Cancun
Name Type Location
El Farito Lighthouse 0.9 mi. South of Central Downtown Isla Mujeres
Fisherman's Statue Monument 0.2 mi. South West of Central Downtown Isla Mujeres
Ixchel Goddess Statue Monument 0.1 mi. South-Southeast of Central Downtown Isla Mujeres
Lighthouse Lighthouse 0.2 mi. South West of Central Downtown Isla Mujeres
Observation Tower Observation Tower 2.1 mi. South-Southeast of Central Isla Mujeres
Plaza Isla Mujeres Attraction 1.9 mi. North-Northwest of Central Isla Mujeres
Punta Sur Lighthouse Lighthouse 4.5 mi. Southeast of Central Downtown Isla Mujeres

Natural Attractions

Interactive Aquarium Cancun

Those visitors who enjoy being outside will frequently enjoy Delphinus Dolphin Swim. A leader in creating personalized dolphin encounters in a natural environment, Delphinus Dolphin Swim works hard to create a natural environment with responsibility toward the well-being of the dolphins while still making it a great time for guests.

Interactive Aquarium Cancun is a second option worth a visit. Learn all that you can about marine life in the Mexican Caribbean when you visit the Interactive Aquarium. Many guests even go so far as to sign up for programs that allow them to swim with dolphins and feed the sharks.

Fortunately, you can find a full range choices. For more in formation concerning natural attractions in this area, visit this page.


Cancun Casinos

Looking for some action? Vacationers who'd like to try their luck on the slots can find lots of venues where they can do so in this area.

Playboy Club Cancun has a restaurant, so you can grab a bite to eat before or after you try your luck. Opened in 2010, Playboy Club Cancun mixes sophistication in class with the electric, busy nature of a casino to create a boutique gaming spot that can't be passed up by gamblers visiting Cancun.

If you want to try your luck at the slots, consider giving Caliente Casino a try. Caliente Casino is open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Dubai Palace Casino: Whether you're up for some fun day or night, Dubai Palace is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Needless to say, you'll be able to find other choices too. Visit this article dedicated to gaming in Cancun if you want to find more facts.

Other Attractions

In addition, guests will discover three other attractions. Other miscellaneous attractions in Cancun can be seen down below.

Other Attractions In Cancun
Name Type Location
Atlantida at Parque Nizuc Dolphin Encounter Service The vicinity of Cancun, Southern part of Cancun Mexico
Delphinus Dolphin Swim Dolphin Encounter Service 3.4 mi. Northeast of Central Cancun Beach Hotel Zone Mexico
Dolphin Discovery Dolphin Encounter Service 0.6 mi. West of Central Isla Mujeres Isla Mujeres

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