Cancun Buses

In the Mexican Caribbean, luxury buses and laid back "collectivos" offer vacationers a choice in travel


From typical city buses to luxury lines, buses in Cancun are top-notch and yes, a highly recommended form of transportation. Gone are the days of the rickety buses that you'd rather not travel on, and now, these massive vehicles are one of the most preferred ways to get around this busy town as well as the rest of the Mexican Caribbean. In fact, buses are in such high demand that it is always advisable to book your tickets in advance.

Local Buses


The buses in Cancun are run by two different companies respectively. You'll know which bus to get on by the route number, which is printed clearly on the front window of each bus. The local buses driving around town are not in exemplary condition, but they aren't in terrible condition either, and finding a bus with air conditioning is hit or miss.

Bus stops line the streets of Cancun and are very clearly marked so getting around town on buses is extremely easy. In addition to waiting at a designated stop for a ride, you can also wave one down on the street as through you were hailing a cab, and typically the driver will pull over and pick you up. The driver will not stop to let you off early, however. You will need to pull down on the stop cord or yell "Stop!" when you're approaching you're stop because if there is no one waiting to be picked up the driver won't pull over automatically.

If you're planning on utilizing buses as your major form of transportation around Cancun, it may be a great idea to become familiar with local bus routes in advance. Take a look at the chart for some of the most important routes.

Route NumberStops
R1 Downtown, Hotels, Puerto Jaurez, Walmart, Plaza 2000, Mercado 23, Main Bus Terminal
R2 Hotels, Walmart, Mercado 28
R8 Puerto Jarez, Punta Sam
R15 Walmart, Mercado 28
R27 Tulum Ave, Plaza Las Americas

Buses run daily from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and you'll see updated fares painted on the front of the bus, but you can expect to spend less than $1(USD) per person for a ride. Only pesos are accepted, and drivers will make change for small bills.

Long Distance Buses

Cancun is the hub for bus travel in the Mexican Caribbean. The bus station is located at the junctions of Avenidas Uxmal and Tulum in downtown Cancun, which is where you can go to catch a bus to nearby cities including Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos. Buses leave every 15 minutes between 4:00 a.m. and midnight each day and cost around $3(USD) per person.

Don't let any preconceived notions prevent you from considering riding the bus in Cancun. You'll find them to be clean and comfortable, with friendly passengers, and routes to understand if you just give them a chance. Buses are a great way to save money and get a close up and personal look at local culture – what's not to love?


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