Cajun Grill

When you're shopping at Plaza Palma Real and start to feel hungry, head to the food court for a little kick. This spot is unique in the fast food industry in that it serves Louisiana style Cajun cuisine with a focus on fast and friendly service.


Their typical meat, chicken, and seafood dishes are amplified with a blend of seasonings and sauces that give each dish a kick. Blackened chicken and bourbon ribs are favored here. Whatever you get, don't forget the drink -- you're going to need it!

Cajun Grill is a popular fast food restaurant that happens to specialize in Cajun cuisine. As far as the style of dining and food goes, the setting is very casual. Diners are welcome to come by to enjoy both dinner and lunch, so give it a try.


Look for the distinctive logo with the red chili pepper in place of the "j" in Cajun and you know you've found the right spot.


Cajun Grill is found in downtown Cancun.

Think about combining your restaurant visit with some excellent local sightseeing opportunities by patronizing one of the region's many attractions, like Cinepolis.

Many travelers also anticipate the variety of fun activities located around this district. Any golfing guests who've only dreamed about playing in such a beautiful location will certainly want to check out the nearest golf course, Puerto Cancun Golf Course, which is within traveling distance of Cajun Grill. Also, consider bringing the flip flops for Playa Las Perlas, which you will find to be the closest beach and is only approximately a mile and a half away. And, those two are just a couple of the beaches, golf courses, and outdoor sports in the vicinity.

Nearby Restaurants

If you are hoping to find another restaurant with some similar menu items or comparable prices, there are lots of nearby places to consider, including Gorditas Dona Tota. Diners will find it a short distance away to the south of this restaurant.

But of course, if you're in the mood for a change of pace, this section of Mexico features an excellent list of food and drink locales, which serve all types of flavors and cuisine styles. For instance, you could also try the food offered by La Mesa Caliente.

Credit Cards and Other Info

You can expect fast food pricing at Cajun Grill.

Cajun Grill accepts major credit cards.

The hours at this locale correspond directly with the Plaza Palma Real business hours.

Contact Info

Location: downtown Cancun, Mexico

Phone: (998) 208-7100



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