Interactive Aquarium Cancun

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Learn all that you can about marine life in the Mexican Caribbean when you visit the Interactive Aquarium. Many guests even go so far as to sign up for programs that allow them to swim with dolphins and feed the sharks.

Dolphin lovers will not want to miss this opportunity to get to know and swim with the magnificent animals. Luckily, even if you do not want to take the plunge with dolphins, Interactive Aquariums offers a "dry" program as well, called the "Educational Program". However, if you want to be pushed through the water by a dolphin, then the "Dolphin Swim" session is for you. Though, perhaps you want to play with some of the more dangerous residents of the aquarium. Interactive Aquarium also gives you the opportunity to put on diving gear and enter a metal cage into a tank of hungry sharks. If that was not enough, you are the one who will be feeding them in this once in a lifetime 'Feed a Shark" attraction.


Interactive Aquarium Cancun is located in Cancun Beach Hotel Zone, a neighborhood in the vicinity of Cancun; it is to the southeast of Cancun.

This adventure is located on Paraiso Road just where it meets the main Hotel Zone road.

Nearby Restaurants

There are several picks of eateries to choose from in the neighborhood surrounding Interactive Aquarium Cancun La Madonna is an ideal locale to have a bite to eat at before visiting this aquarium, and will be of particular interest to visitors looking for a convenient meal. Also within a short distance, you and your companions will encounter restaurants such as Jugo De Limon and Jugo De Limon so you don't need to be picky, since you'll find a variety of refreshment choices.

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Other kinds of local activities include Movie Theater Cancun, which is within driving distance in Cancun Beach Hotel Zone. Also consider heading to Movie Theatre, which is another attraction close by.

Being able to choose from some other activities will ensure you won't run low on things to do. Attractions close-by can be found in the following table.

Attractions Near Interactive Aquarium Cancun
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
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Movie Theatre Other Activities/Excursions -- -- 7.3 mi. Southeast of Cancun --
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Museo Arqueológico de Cancún Museum -- -- 7.1 mi. South of Isla Mujeres --
Pepe's Tigres -- 2.1 mi. (9.8 km) N 6.1 mi. East-Southeast of Cancun --
Delphinus Dolphin Swim Other Attraction 2.3 mi. (10.7 km) NE 6.7 mi. South of Isla Mujeres --
Ruinas del Rey Historic Site 3.6 mi. (14.3 km) SSW 8.9 mi. Southeast of Cancun --
Cinepolis Other Activities/Excursions 4.8 mi. (4.2 km) NW Downtown Cancun --

More Information


The Interactive Aquarium is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


The "Educational Program" costs $65(USD), while the "Dolphin Swim" costs $135(USD). The Feed a Shark session costs $60(USD) for one person, $100(USD) for two and $120(USD) for three.

Location: Boulevard Kukulcan Km. 12.5 , Cancun Beach Hotel Zone, Mexico


(998) 883-0411



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