Contemporary Cuisine in Cancun

If you're a big fan of contemporary food, don't pass up an opportunity to satisfy your hunger. Though not terribly plentiful, there are a couple of locations in Cancun offering this type of food.

With so much to try, from the informal destination known as Cancun Distillery to the tempting dinner service at The Club Grill, you're bound to find something worth fighting over.

Take time to read more about the few contemporary places that you may hear about during your vacation. On each restaurant's name, click to learn more about its dress code, food, or even nearby attractions.

La Destileria

Cancun Beach Hotel Zone | (998) 885-1087

La Destileria is located in the vicinity of downtown Cancun; it's 7.4 miles to the southeast of Cancun. As an added bonus to contemporary cuisine, this eatery offers up Mexican preparations, making it a great option for vacationers who want to try both of these styles in one place. <p>As you enjoy your meal, you can look around at the tastefully styled Mexican building, as well as the roaming Mariachi Band as they play for guests at their tables.</p>


Cancun Beach Hotel Zone | (998) 848-7423

Set 8.7 miles south-southeast of downtown Cancun, Arrecifes is located at The Westin Regina Resort Cancun, and is a good option for you to consider if you're going to be visiting this neighborhood. It's 10.1 miles south-southeast of Cancun. As soon as guests hear about it, they're already here for a refined dining experience that offers a refreshing change from less formal establishments. <p>Like the cuisine, the decor at Arecifes is contemporary, with a funky printed carpet, shelved accent walls, and blue plush seating.</p>

The Club Grill

Cancun Beach Hotel Zone | (998) 881-0808

The Club Grill, part of Ritz-Carlton Cancun, is located in the vicinity of downtown Cancun; it's eight miles (12 and a half kilometers) to the southeast of Cancun. Formal dining is the standard here, which means diners who have finer taste as well as a taste for contemporary style meals should make the trip. <p>The Club Grill serves a menu of contemporary cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients. Some of the more unique offerings include truffled sweet corn soup and chipotle sweet potato puree. For dessert try try the coconut souffle.</p>

Cancun Distillery

Cancun Beach Hotel Zone | (998) 885-1086

Cancun Distillery is a good choice for guests exploring this neighborhood. It is 10.0 miles south-southeast of Cancun. For those visitors anticipating a really excellent contemporary meal in a welcoming setting, this mellow, informal restaurant hits the spot.

Guests often find that the best food and drink options in Cancun are the ones that you wind up near unexpectedly while trekking the town of your choice. But, writing down a couple of delicious-sounding restaurants on your schedule, means you'll have multiple alternatives, even in a pinch. To find out more concerning the dining options awaiting you, check out this page.


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