Tex-Mex Cuisine in Cancun

Almost everywhere in Cancun, you'll happen upon a great number of restaurants, cafes, and places with delicious cocktails. But guests who seek Tex-Mex cuisine in particular should take note of the restaurants known for this style of cooking. Get an idea of the different ways to enjoy Cancun's Tex-Mex food with this handful of restaurants.

With choices such as the very casual backdrop at Chili's in the Forum to the fantastic dinner service at Armadillo’s, you could encounter a dish worth sharing - or not, as the case may be.

Below, read up on the places where Tex-Mex food is dished out. You can click each restaurant's name to learn more about its ambiance, food, and what's located nearby.

Sedona Grill

Cancun Beach Hotel Zone | (998) 848-9648

Located 6.3 miles southeast of downtown Cancun, Sedona Grill is a part of CasaMagna Marriott Resort Cancun, and is a popular choice for travelers thinking about staying near this neighborhood or the surrounding area. It's 7.9 miles southeast of Cancun. Looking to enjoy quality Tex-Mex cooking in a friendly, informal location? You'll quite like the free-and-easy bites and backdrop at restaurants like Sedona Grill.

La Habichuela Sunset

Downtown Cancun | (998) 884-3158

La Habichuela Sunset is situated in downtown Cancun, toward the center of Cancun. Lovely, mild seafood and Tex-Mex flair play nicely together at this unique eatery. The main specialty here is the lobster entrees, as well as seafood as a whole. However, La Habichuela Sunset does offer a selection of meats, poultry, and salads.

Chili's in the Forum

Cancun Beach Hotel Zone

Set 5.8 miles east of downtown Cancun, Chili's in the Forum is a part of Forum Mall. If you're wondering, Isla Mujeres is approximately seven miles (11 kilometers) to the north. For a great way to wind down while grabbing tasty Tex-Mex cuisine, remember this place where the vibe is very casual. Chile's offers South-West American food, which in itself is a blend of Mexican and American foods into a unique, flavorful, and often times, spicy, cuisine type. Expect the soups, hamburgers, chicken, and especially the appetizers that all make Chile's famous.

Chili's`La Isla

Cancun Beach Hotel Zone

Chili's`La Isla, a part of La Isla Shopping Village, is located close to downtown Cancun; it's seven and a half miles (11 and a half kilometers) to the southeast of Cancun. After a long day, it's really convenient that this awesome bar and grill is 100% casual, which is important because patrons won't need more than comfortable clothes and a healthy appetite to enjoy the tasty food here. The bright and inviting atmosphere helps make this a fun restuaraunt.

Meson Del Vecindario

Downtown Cancun | (998) 884-8900

Located in downtown Cancun, Meson Del Vecindario is a popular choice for people thinking about exploring this neighborhood. As an added bonus to Tex-Mex food, this dining establishment serves up eclectic food, making it a wonderful option for vacationers who want the best of both worlds. Meson del Vecindario has some Tex-Mex options that blend the Southwest United States cuisine with North Mexican cuisine to create a unique set of tasty, and often spicy flavors. Their are also a number of international dishes such as lasagna and crepes.

Tex-Mex Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Armadillo’s 7.2 mi. North-Northeast of Central Puerto Morelos Tex-Mex (855) 744-8371
Chili's in the Forum 5.8 mi. East of Central downtown Cancun American, Tex-Mex --
Chili's`La Isla 5.5 mi. Southeast of Central downtown Cancun American, Tex-Mex --
La Habichuela Sunset Downtown Cancun Mexican, Tex-Mex (998) 884-3158
Meson Del Vecindario Downtown Cancun Eclectic, Tex-Mex (998) 884-8900
Sedona Grill 6.3 mi. Southeast of Central downtown Cancun Tex-Mex (998) 848-9648

Similar Food


You may crave something slightly different, in which case you will find similarly satisfying flavors at establishments like the following:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
El Paso -- Mexican 3.6 mi. West of Central Villa Morelos Mexico
El Patio (998) 848-7600 Mexican 5.3 mi. East of Central downtown Cancun Mexico
Medina Taco's -- Mexican 2.6 mi. Southeast of Central Downtown Isla Mujeres Isla Mujeres
Vips Downtown Cancun (983) 887-8906 American Downtown Cancun Mexico
El Tuch Tlan -- Mexican 0.1 mi. South West of Central Puerto Morelos Mexico
El Veradero -- Mexican 1.7 mi. South-Southeast of Central Downtown Isla Mujeres Isla Mujeres
La Pergola Caribeña (998) 884-3999 Mexican Downtown Cancun Mexico
Subway Av Coba -- American Downtown Cancun Mexico
California Pizza Kitchen (998) 884-3359 American 1.9 mi. South of Central Cancun Mexico
Cafe Cito (998) 877-0438 American 0.1 mi. South of Central Downtown Isla Mujeres Isla Mujeres

Or you might want to check out one of the specialties, like the tacos, which is offered both at Peskayitos and La Fuente de Yassi.

You can't plan for it, but sometimes the best dining options in Cancun are the ones you casually come across while walking around during the day. But, noting the addresses of a few restaurant possibilities in your daily itinerary, is encouraged even for flexible travelers. To discover more concerning the culinary options awaiting you, check out this page.


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