Vegetarian Cuisine in Cancun

When the craving strikes for vegetarian cuisine, you might find yourself with an opportunity to treat yourself. Though not incredibly abundant, there are a couple of locations in Cancun where you can try some.

With plenty of variety, from the very casual backdrop at Restaurante Natura to the restaurants whose signature menu items are worth snapping pictures of, there is something to suit each and every person in your party and every dining expectation.

The list below allows you to read up on the few delicious vegetarian eateries you could be curious about as you're out on the town. For each restaurant, you can click its name to find out more about its style, hours, or even what the view will be like.

100% Natural Cancun

Downtown Cancun | (998) 884-0102

Situated near the middle of downtown Cancun, 100% Natural Cancun is a logical selection worth considering if you're going to spend time visiting this neighborhood. Happily identified by tourists as an informal place to eat, it's like a mecca for hungry, intrigued travelers touring the town.

Enjoy your favorite dishes in the most peaceful of surroundings at 100% Natural. The lush greenery of plants and the modern Maya sculptures that surround you while you treat yourself to mouth-watering food makes it a most enjoyable experience.

Restaurante Natura

Cancun Beach Hotel Zone | (998) 883-0585

Restaurante Natura

Located 5.7 miles east-southeast of downtown Cancun, Restaurante Natura is a good option for vacationers exploring this neighborhood or the surrounding area. Isla Mujeres is approximately seven miles (11 and a half kilometers) to the north. This enigmatic eatery can show multiple sides, so yes they're offering vegetarian themed dishes and of course health food, but it's also masters of salads.

The ambiance of Natura could be described as laid-back and relaxing. Everything about this restaurant boasts a natural environment down to the terraced garden. They even allow pets to come in and dine with their owners who will enjoy the free WiFi.


Downtown Cancun | (998) 892-7361

Gopals can be found in downtown Cancun, toward the center of Cancun. Newcomers who have fallen in love with vegetarian style eats should definitely check out Gopals. Consider this an easy option for when hunger strikes.

You can't plan for it, but sometimes the best cuisines in Cancun are the ones you find suddenly during your exploration of different cities. Although, you can't go wrong when you plan ahead. To learn more regarding the dining options awaiting you, check out this page.


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