Taxis in Cancun

Explore this big city with a local driver

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Tourists staying in all-inclusive resorts may find it unnecessary to rent a car but may still need a way to get from here to there on occasion. This is where local taxi services can come in handy. Yes, Cancun has one of the highest mark ups for taxi prices in Mexico, but for those who won't be doing too much exploring it may just be worth it.



Taxis are extremely easy to come by in Cancun. They can be found outside of , by and shopping centers, and by the and other popular because local drivers know that these spots are where they will find the most business. The one place you won't find taxis is at the airports because they are prohibited from being there.

Most drivers in Cancun speak Spanish. If you do not, you should write down the name of the location you are going to in order to avoid any confusion. Taxis here are compact cars, and can usually only carry three passengers. If you're traveling in a larger party, you may want to call ahead and request that a van or several vehicles be sent to pick you up.

If you happen to be stuck in a place where you can't seem to find a cab, call one of the services that follow.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Cancun Airport Transportation (998) 500-2133 Cancun International Airport - 9.0 mi. (14.5 km) South of Cancun
Cancun Cab (998) 840-0321 70 Noria Mza - 0.4 mi. (0.6 km) South of Cancun
Cancun Shuttle (800) 822-7116 Cancun
Jeromi Transfers (998) 210-3322 La Florida - Cancun
Olympus Tours Transportation (786) 338-9358 Avenida Yaxchilan Sm 17 - Downtown Cancun


No negotiation is necessary when you take a taxi in Cancun. The city has been split up into several zones, and your rate is pre-determined based on how many zones you travel through to get to you destination. Rate charts are available at the front desk of most , at the airport, and your driver should have one as well. Just keep in mind that taxis that drive right up to your hotel tend to charge a bit more than those you'd hail out on the street. Always ask before you take off to make sure you and the driver are on the same page. Just keep in mind that the taxi union establishes the rates and there is rarely anything the driver can do about it, even when the rates seem unfair. For example, locals are charged less, and rides to and from luxury resorts tend to be priced higher than rides to and from budget hotels.

Want to know what it costs to use a taxi? See this array of data.

Typical Fares Around Cancun
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 70.00 - $ 100.00 Downtown Cancun Xpu Ha
$ 40.00 - $ 46.00 Playa Del Carmen Downtown Cancun
$ 44.00 - $ 51.00 Playa Del Carmen Cancun Beach Hotel Zone
$ 228.00 - $ 235.00 Cancun Costa Maya
$ 132.00 - $ 180.00 Cancun International Airport Puerto Aventuras
$ 10.00 - $ 14.00 Cozumel Cruise Terminals Fiesta Americana Cozumel All Inclusive
$ 85.00 - $ 98.00 Cancun International Airport Tulum
$ 80.00 - $ 92.00 Cancun International Airport Akumal
$ 40.00 - $ 46.00 Cancun International Airport Puerto Morelos
$ 59.00 - $ 67.00 Cancun International Airport Downtown Playa Del Carmen
$ 35.00 - $ 40.00 Cancun International Airport Riviera Cancun
$ 35.00 - $ 42.00 Cancun International Airport Cancun Beach Hotel Zone
$ 39.00 - $ 45.00 Cancun International Airport Puerto Juarez
$ 79.00 - $ 91.00 Cancun International Airport Grand Bahia Principe Tulum
$ 45.00 - $ 53.00 Cancun International Airport Iberostar Paraiso Maya
$ 70.00 - $ 80.00 Cancun International Airport Maya Beach
$ 45.00 - $ 52.00 Cancun International Airport Playa Mujeres

If you're interested in a tour of the area, most drivers are happy to take you around the Hotel Zone and other nearby attractions for about 250 pesos or around $23(USD) an hour. All day tours that go along the Riviera Maya could cost upwards of 3500 pesos or about $350(USD).

While tipping is not required, it is a nice way to show your driver that you appreciate their service. An offering of 10 pesos, or $0.90(USD) is common, but if you've hired your driver for a tour consider offering a bit more.

Finding a taxi isn't difficult to do in Cancun, so if you don't feel comfortable renting a car or you don't feel it is necessary, nothing should turn you away from making this your main mode of transportation.


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