Cane Garden Bay Attractions

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The center of activity not only on Tortuga, but the whole of the British Virgin Islands, Cane Garden Bay knows how to keep its visitors entertained.  Get the day started early with a tour of the area's important historical and cultural landmarks.  By the time the sun begins to beat town heavily, you'll be ready to stop by the local beaches for a dip.  These beaches are natural bays which also serve as favored eco-attractions, and are a true sight to be seen.  By night you'll be ready to unwind with a few hours in front of the slots at one of the town's few casinos. 


Cane Garden Bay

You will discover an abundance of beaches to consider in and around the area. Click on the name of the beach for a detailed guide to that specific beach.

Cane Garden Bay: Great local dining and colorful entertainment can easily be found along the shores of Cane Garden Bay. Live music wafts across the bay every night for everyone to enjoy.

A second location for beach-goers to consider is Brewers Bay Beach. Brewer's Bay, located on the northern coast of Tortola. If features an extraordinary stretch of light golden sand, with an incredible backdrop of dramatic green hills which overlook the beach.

Lormer Bay: Located on the northern coast of Tortola, Lormer Bay features a thin strip of sand surrounded by the island's famous green hills. Located in between Shark and Cooper Bay, the area is largely vacant.

These are just a sample of what's on the island. You can go to this article if you're interested in learning more details.

Landmark Attractions

Callwood Historic Distillery

Callwood Historic Distillery is a historical site in the center of Cane Garden Bay. Rum and the Caribbean isles go hand-in-hand, a fact that is prevalent at Callwood Historic Distillery, one of two rum distilleries in the British Virgin Islands. Having been owned and operated by the same family for four centuries, this spot still uses historic processes to create pure and potent rum.

A second choice is John Lettsom House. It's a historical site in the heart of Cane Garden Bay. With regards to the history of slavery on the British Virgin Islands, the John Lettsom Home is an important one. Lettsom was an 18th century Quaker physician who at his own behest freed all of his slaves.

St. Michael Church Ruins: There are no official times posted for visiting St. Michael Church, but it is best to make the trip between sun up and sun down.

This area is home to many other sites to visit. You can read this article about other enjoyable places to visit in and near the area if you want additional details.

Natural Attractions

Sage Mountain National Park

Vacationers who enjoy the natural environment might enjoy spending some time at Shark Bay National Park. Shark Bay National Park was donated to the National Parks Trust in 1999, and is the first coastal nature reserve and park along Tortola's north shore. The park spans 18.4 acres and is great for hikers looking for a beautiful view.

Another local attraction that you might enjoy is Sage Mountain National Park. The flagship reserve in the British Virgin Islands, Sage Mountain National Park marked the start of conservation as an official policy in the islands. Just as the park was a good start for the government's conservation program, it is sure to be a good start for eco-tourist and nature lovers in the British Virgin Islands.

Cane Garden Bay has other nature attractions. To read our detailed guide to natural attractions near Cane Garden Bay, navigate to this page.


Vacationers don't generally stay in Cane Garden Bay to find gambling, but there is one to check out nearby, Parrot Club. <p>Amidst the hopping nightlife scene on St. John is Parrot Club, the island's only gaming center. This keeps things busy because tourists don't have much choice, yet, the cool atmosphere makes it clear that it would stand out even if it were not the sole option.</p>


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