Map of the Area Around Quito's Gazebo

1 | Icis Villas

Nestled amongst the palm trees of Brewer's Bay Beach on Tortola, Icis Villas Resort is one of Virgin Islands' most relaxing vacation retreats.

Vacationers will find this villa complex just 1.0 mile (1.6 km) northeast of Quito's Gazebo.

2 | Arundel Villa

3 | Makere Cottage

4 | Quito's Gazebo Bar & Restaurant

Set on Cane Garden Bay on Tortola, Quito's Gazebo & Restaurant offers a relaxed place to enjoy local favorites along with live music on a regular basis. Not only is Quito's the name of the inn and restaurant, but it is also the name of the man who plays the music.

Go a short distance from Quito's Gazebo to find this bar and grill, which is located on the bay.

6 | Cane Garden Bay

Cane Garden Bay is one of Tortola's most popular beach areas. Surrounded by restaurants, bars, and clubs, you can spend your day lounging in the sand, and head to the outer rim for some night time entertainment as the sun goes down.

Interested visitors can find this bay on the western edge of Cane Garden Bay, south west of Quito's Gazebo.

5 | Cane Garden Bay

Great local dining and colorful entertainment can easily be found along the shores of Cane Garden Bay. Live music wafts across the bay every night for everyone to enjoy.

From Quito's Gazebo, go a short distance south-southeast to reach this beach.

8 | Seven Peaks

7 | Ballast Bay

Quito's Gazebo is about a mile (approximately a kilometer and a half) northeast of this bay.

9 | Villa Allano

The interactive map above depicts the 9 notable points of interest that can be found within a mile of Quito's Gazebo. There are 5 additional hotel and resort options (seen in navy) and a scattering of additional resorts and hotels (seen in navy) that can be found close to the hotel. Also, don't miss the chance to head over to the area's local villa complex.

To get a more detailed view of the region, or to get more information about the places shown, click different parts of the map. The map numbers shown on the pins above match what is found in the following table.

Points of Interest Near Quito's Gazebo
Map No. Type Name Distance from Hotel
1 Villas Icis Vacation Villas 1.0 mi. (1.6 km)
2 Villas Arundel Villa 0.5 mi. (0.8 km)
3 Villas Makere Cottage 0.5 mi. (0.8 km)
4 Restaurant Quito's Gazebo Bar & Restaurant 0.2 mi. (0.3 km)
5 Beach Cane Garden Bay 0.0 mi. (0.1 km)
6 Bay Cane Garden Bay 0.4 mi. (0.6 km)
7 Bay Ballast Bay 0.9 mi. (1.4 km)
8 Villas Seven Peaks 0.5 mi. (0.8 km)
9 Villas Villa Allano 0.7 mi. (1.1 km)


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