Transportation Options for Cane Garden Bay

A lively night time scene and plenty of water activities urge tourists to make their way to Cane Garden Bay

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Active watersports enthusiasts are drawn to the north shore of the British Virgin Island of Tortola, especially Cane Garden Bay, where windsurfing, scuba diving, and sailing are popular pastimes. Most tourists fly into Tortola then make their way to Cane Garden Bay to by cab, but there are several other options available both for getting to and around “The Bay.”

Getting There

The island of Tortola, upon which Cane Garden Bay sits, is the home of the largest airport in the British Virgin Islands, so it makes good sense that most tourists would arrive on the island via plane, then find transportation to Cane Garden Bay. However, ferry transport is often cheaper and does not take much more time, and thanks to easy sailing conditions and large mooring field, many visitors are now choosing to charter a yacht and sail to the area themselves.

Getting Around

If you fly into Tortola, your first move will be to hire a cab to take you either to your hotel in Cane Garden Bay, or a rental car agency so you can drive there yourself. To determine which destination you'll choose, you'll have to weigh your options regarding what mode of transportation you'll use to get from place to place during your stay. If you're staying strictly in Cane Garden Bay, a combination of foot travel and taxis will work just fine, but if you'll be doing a lot of exploring around the island you my want to consider a rental car.

Air Travel

Of all of the towns in the British Virgin Islands, Cane Garden Bay is one of the easiest to get to via plane. Because it is located on Tortola, which is in direct contact with the country's largest airport, it is possible you will only need one connecting flight to reach your final destination. You see, the airport is not quite large enough to accept direct commercial flights from outside of the Caribbean, so you will have to make at least one transfer between leaving your home town and arriving in Cane Garden Bay. Most travelers connect to the island via the Cyril E King Airport on nearby St. Thomas, USVI, but the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport on Puerto Rico is a quite popular option as well, and some will initially land at the Princess Juliana International Airport inSint Maarten. From either of these airports you can take a smaller regional airline to Terrence B. Lettsome International Airport on Beef Island then cross the Queen Elizabeth Bridge onto Tortola in a cab, which will cost $20 to $50(USD) based upon occupancy.

Learn more about flying to Cane Garden Bay by clicking here.


A protected harbor and a nearby port of entry make sailing to Cane Garden Bay a to sailing destination in the region and many people even choose to sail from the east coast of the United States as their major form of transportation.  This obviously takes a lot of planning, but you an learn more about the process here

Rental Cars

Although there are no rental car agencies located directly in Cane Garden Bay, there are plenty to choose from on the island of Tortola. You'll have plenty of choices, with numerous international chains as well as local establishments available, and competitive pricing abounds. If your trip to Cane Garden Bay will take you away from the town for sightseeing, or you simply like the idea of having a vehicle available to you at all times, click here to learn more about renting a car in Cane Garden Bay.


Because many tourists who stay in Cane Garden Bay utilize the well paved sidewalks and paths to make their way from place to place, taxis often serve as a backup option in the event that visitors need to avoid bad whether, travel a long distance than might feasibly be walked, or just simply want to ride instead of walk. Taxis in and around Cane Garden Bay can get pricey. The trip from the airport to Cane Garden Bay is $50(USD) if you are in the cab alone, $25(USD) per person for two riders, and $20(USD) per person for three riders. The good news is, the government has created a list of set rates which allow tourists to know exactly how much they'll be expected to be to get from one place to another. Click here to check them out and learn more about taxis in Cane Garden Bay.


There is no true public bus system on the island of Tortola, instead, there are full passenger vans and open air trucks with bench seating called “safaris” that act as buses. While you can utilize these buses to some extent to get around Tortola, if your stay on the island will keep you primarily in Cane Garden Bay, they should not be relied on. The buses have no set schedule that brings them to Cane Garden Bay, so they only reason they'd be of use is if you happen upon one while you're out an about and decide an adventure is in order. If you do catch a bus or safari, expect to pay between $1 and $3(USD) per rider.


If your initial flight into the Caribbean takes you to the Cyril E King Airport on St. Thomas rather than Puerto Rico or Sint Maarten, you can take a ferry to Tortola rather than making a connecting flight. There are several ferry companies with services between St. Thomas and Tortola, a trip that lasts around 50 minutes. However, none of them come into Cane Garden Bay itself. You will instead take the ferry into Road Town or Beef Island, and then take either a taxi or rental car to Cane Garden Bay. You can learn more about all the ferry companies and routes that come to Tortola by clicking here, Or, to look specifically at Road Town, visit our Road Town Ferry Guide.

There are numerous transportation options for tourists regarding getting to and around Cane Garden Bay. Each offers a unique experience but all add to making your time in the British Virgin Islands the trip of a lifetime.


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